12 Minute Affiliate Review: How to Make $977 Per Day Working From Home

When it comes to post-modern techniques of generating business and revenue, the internet seems to the center of it all. With endless opportunities, internet money-making is a widely popular market now. You can generate revenue from freelancing to making YouTube videos to answering surveys. There is also an opportunity to make money from websites and apps. People who are well-versed with working from home tips know that the systematic way of earning quick revenue is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method of product or service promotion online using unique links that are specifically designed for each user. People click on your link and make a purchase, and this is how you get a commission.
While this field is relatively easy to step into, getting profits from it can be a taxing endeavor.


The affiliate marketing niche is saturated as it is because many people start online money making using affiliate techniques. While there are numerous supposed affiliate marketing solutions online, 12 Minute Affiliate by Devon Brown and David Sloan provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Their program is for both newcomers and experienced marketers, with constant marketing tactics and guidance tutorials. This program helps its users in attaining maximum shares of working from home benefits.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate?

12 Minute Affiliate is a done-for-you (DFY) system that does not need manual installation and configuration. The system ensures that you make $977 per day if you use small, doable steps. The payment system gets streamlined because of a Clickbank affiliate account. Clickbank is a reputable marketplace for ebooks, courses, and other programs. There are no training programs at the beginning of the system. It only takes up 12 minutes to set up correctly.


How Does 12 Minute Work?

12 Minute Affiliate, as aptly named, is a new brand name in the affiliate market training program. There is one to two hours content that gets updated regularly that not only teaches you to handle affiliate marketing like a professional, and it also keeps you motivated. Even though there is no guarantee of getting revenue each day, the traffic source that affiliate sales for you boost each day. You can increase your visibility to your clients by investing $2000 monthly for campaign ads and solo ads. In case your business does not have a viable website, hosting, autoresponder, content builder, and any other tool, this training pack is not going to work for your sales.

The vital tip to always remember is that affiliate marketing does not bring earnings as soon as you launch yourself. It is a slow process and requires immense patience.

12 Minute Affiliate Price

You can check out the 12 Minute Affiliate price by going here.

12 Minute Affiliate – A Scam?

If you do a quick search about working from home tips, programs, and benefits, you will see 12 Minute Affiliate marketing tools popping up at the top of the search feed. A commonly asked question about this tool is if this is a legitimate money-making platform?


12 Minute Affiliate creators are genuine, with a real online presence. These people are well-known for their other marketing solutions that are used by thousands of people, hence making it difficult to think they are creating scams. People who have used this platform have reported benefits, even though it asks for payment in the beginning, which can come off as shady.

Most of the affiliate programs make fake claims that their sales will double or trouble in a fixed time. 12 Minute, however, does not make any promises. All these points can make it seem that 12 Minute is a scam. Critics point out that Clickbank itself is not legitimate, so if they are willing to overlook the validity of 12 Minute, they do not trust Clickbank affiliate.

12 Minute Affiliate Videos

How to Setup 12 Minute Affiliate

If you have a companion account on Clickbank, or even JVZoo, Warrior+Plus, etc. for commissions, you can set up 12 Minute pretty easily. If you do not have other considerations, do not worry. There is a step that allows you to make all the companion accounts. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Sign up, i.e., make an account
  • Create a free affiliate account (if you do not) – takes 2 minutes at maximum
  • Get your auto-generated responder (can be Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mailmuncho, etc.)
  • A step-by-step guide to set your auto-responder up (helpful for beginners)
  • Activate your affiliate funnels (i.e., domains where you want to dominate)
  • Done-for-you traffic (takes up to 2 minutes)

In case you are not familiar with the terminology, an auto-responder is an automatic email service that answers the emails sent to it. Funnels design to give users their customization on fields that they want to target with their products. The done-for-you services have their cores in affiliate business traffic. At the start, it is difficult to get a good traffic supply from affiliate marketing. Targeting separate corners of a massive internet marketing area dials down the chances of being ignored by customers. The niches provided by 12 Minute Affiliate program include:

  • Making money online
  • Weight loss
  • Personal development

After setting up the system, you have to pay for the traffic to the funnel, collect emails through auto-responder, and send offers to a customer base.
Prominent Features of 12 Minute Affiliate.

  • Affiliate Funnels
  • Funnel wizard
  • DFY traffic
  • Free Traffic Guides and many more features

Who Can Benefit from 12 Minute?

According to the systems’ creator:

  • People who want to work from home using online sources without having a product or service of their own
  • People who do not want to create funnels
  • People who do not want to deal with customer support
  • People who want online businesses up and running fast

12 minute affiliate

12-Minute can be a platform for generating commissions for every purchase you make. When it comes to other affiliate programs, 12 Minute has a higher rate of success. The training tutorials for beginners is a great way to expose new people to the world of working from home benefits. Although it is not a sure-fire way to success, it is a path to creating a steady income for years to come.

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