Why Am I Receiving Text From 28581 Cash App?

Are you receiving texts from 28581 Cash App and wondering why you're getting them? Here is everything you need to know about 28581, whom it belongs to, and why you are receiving texts from it. 

28581 cash app


If you are using Cash App, chances are you’ve received or are receiving messages from an unknown number - in particular the number, 28581.

While this wouldn’t matter as much in the past, we are living in times where fraudsters are always coming up with new tricks to scam people of their money especially Cash App users.

28581 cash app

So if a Cash App user happens to get such a text, especially if it contains sensitive information, they are bound to be skeptical. In other words, they are bound to ask, why am I receiving texts from 28581?


If this is you in the past or recently, then here's your answer.

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Cash App 28681: Who Does It Belong To?

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Top on the list of questions you definitely have if you happen to have received texts from 28581 is whom this number belongs to. That said - this 28581 number belongs to Square Cash. In fact, it was registered to Square Cash on 28th October 2019.

In other words, this number belongs to Cash App. Now that you know that this number belongs to Cash App, you have the option of either continuing receiving messages from Cash App or not.

If you wish to continue then there is nothing you need to do. If you want the texts to stop, however, you’ll need to unsubscribe. Unsubscribing from Cash App’s texts is very simple: just send the word “STOP” to, you guessed it, 28581.

Once you do this you should stop receiving the texts.

Why Are You Receiving Texts From 28581 Cash App?

28581 cash app

There are several reasons why you’ll receive texts from Cash App through 28581. For instance, Cash App might decide to send you texts so as to inform you of upcoming promotions or even new features or tools that they are rolling out.

In other words, they are likely to text you so as to update you about changes that they are making and ones that are likely to have an impact on your Cash App account.

This is actually one of the main reasons why it is always best to not opt-out of receiving texts from Cash App. Doing so will just see you missing out on crucial information informing you about upcoming changes that might have an impact on your account, either negative or positive.

Cash App Scam

cash app scam

One of the reasons why you actually clicked on this particular topic or post is the fact that you were afraid that you might fall victim to an online Cash App scam. In other words, you were afraid of being scammed of your money.

Therefore, it is only right that we conclude this post by sharing with you tips that’ll help you know or tell if you are being scammed or not.

If you are receiving texts from someone who’s planning on scamming you, chances are they’ll send you texts that ask you about your Cash App account.

In particular, they’ll want to know about your account details, things like your sign-in code, bank, and even card details, and so on. For other Cash App victims, their information was probably sold online where fraud is the norm.

So if you happen to receive such texts just know that the person behind the texts is trying to scam you. It is always advised to report such numbers to Cash App support.

By now, you not only know why you are receiving texts from 28581 but you also know whom the texts are from. While you have the option of unsubscribing from these texts, it is best that you don’t as they’ll always keep you updated on all things Cash App and the new features that they are rolling out.

Also, keep in mind that this is the only number that Cash App will use to send you text messages.

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