7 Reasons Why Your Cash App Keeps Crashing

My Cash App keeps crashing, what should I do to fix it?

One common problem with many Cash App users when it comes to using their Cash App accounts is the app itself crashing from time to time. If this has happened to you, you probably know just how frustrating it is especially if you are in the process of sending, requesting, or receiving money using the app. 


So what is the problem exactly or better yet how can you go about solving it? Well, there are a number of reasons why your Cash App app keeps on crashing every time you are using it whether on your Android or iOS device. Knowing these reasons is sure to help you in not only troubleshooting the problem but also fixing it all together. Below you’ll find common reasons why your Cash App keeps crashing when using it.

Why Does My Cash App Keep Crashing?

Depending on the smartphone you are using, there are several reasons why your Cash App keeps crashing. To help cover all sides, this post will look at possible reasons why the app keeps crashing if you are using an Android-based device and an iOS-based device.

The Android Factor:


If you are using the Cash App app on an Android device and it keeps on crashing, reasons might be; 

  • You are using an older version of the app: The first thing you need to do when your app is constantly crashing is making sure that the app you are using is up-to-date. Cash App usually makes updates to their app from time to time with the aim of fixing bugs that might cause the app to not function properly i.e crash. Hence, making sure your app is up-to-date helps in preventing the app from crashing all the time.
  • Your Phone’s Storage Is Full: like any other app, Cash App app needs some space for it to work properly. If your phone is full, chances are the app will keep on crashing. Furthermore, it’ll likely freeze from time to time causing you endless concerns and headaches. Consider freeing up some space on your device for the app to work perfectly. 
  • Check On App Permissions: With Android, it is good to note that just about any app you install on your device including the Cash App, will require certain permissions in order for them to work properly. Failure to grant Cash App certain permissions might result in it not working as it should. As such, see to it that you grant it all the permissions required. If you are not sure, you can always just grant it all permissions.
  • Clear Up Cache: Cash App app, like any other app, builds up large caches, clearing this up helps in preventing it from crashing all the time.

The iOS Factor:

While the Cash App app also crashes when using it on an iOS-based phone, it is worth noting that it doesn’t do so as much compared to when you use one on an Android device. Possible reasons why your Cash App app is crashing on your iOS device are;

  • Memory: As with Android-based phones, your Cash App app might be crashing due to a lack of space on your device. Simply, clear up some sizable space on your device and then restart the app, this should do the trick.
  • Clear Background Applications: Not closing your apps correctly is known to cause app issues on iOS-based devices, especially on other apps. While we cannot say definitely, that this might be the reason, it is best to close apps correctly as this is known to affect how other applications work.
  • Update Your Cash App app: Yes, using an old version of Cash App’s app can result in it crashing from time to time, and as such it is best that you make sure your app is up-to-date.


While it is so much you can do to prevent your Cash App app from crashing, it might eventually do and in some instances, fixing it might prove impossible. In such cases, it is best to consider contacting Cash App support for some much-needed assistance.