Why Am I Receiving Text From 729-75? (PayPal or Scam)

Money-transferring apps such as PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App are very popular these days with just about everyone having or wanting to create an account. These money-transferring apps make it possible to make payments to merchants or even send and receive money to friends or family members using a mobile device. Users also have the option of enjoying added benefits by linking their bank account and/or card details.

PayPal is a very popular option with many when it comes to money-transferring apps given that it is widely accepted. Simply put PayPal is international. Unlike the likes of Venmo and Cash App, PayPal allows users to send and receive money to and from different countries regardless of where they are.


PayPal’s popularity has attracted many eyes including scammers targeting unsuspecting users through PayPal text scams. One such PayPal scam that’s actually current, new, or on-going is the 729-75 text scam.

PayPal users receiving a text from 729-75 should be very careful not to follow anything the text says as it’s a scam. It's a text message sent by Scammers to PayPal users to steal their money. 

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Why Am I Receiving Text From 729-75?

The first two questions many have when they receive any unwanted text is why and who is it from. This is also the case with texts from 729-75. PayPal users who receive texts from 729-75 always question why they actually receive the text and most importantly who was it from.

For this particular case, the 729-75 texts are usually from scammers or fraudsters. PayPal users who've received a message from this number ought to know that it's from scammers and this is regardless of what the message says in terms of who it’s from.

With regards to why PayPal users are receiving 729-75 texts because they are targets. They’ve been targeted by online scammers who intend on scamming them to benefit financially at their expense. Thus the more reason why PayPal users are advised to avoid doing anything the texts says especially if it asks them to follow a certain link.


Can PayPal Send Me A Text Message?

While it is not as common, there are instances where PayPal sends its users' text messages. In most cases, the texts from PayPal usually ask or require users to confirm certain activity(s). This is why many PayPal users end up being confused when they receive texts from individuals purporting to be a PayPal representative or from PayPal support. The texts all look similar and require a user to confirm a certain activity.

Why Would PayPal Send Me A Text Code?

PayPal users need to know in the first place why PayPal sends its users a message and under what circumstances they do so. This way, pointing out PayPal text scams becomes way easier.

That said PayPal is likely to send users a text message to confirm whether or not they tried to perform certain activities using their account like login on a device that PayPal is not familiar with. These types of texts usually require users to reply with 1 or 2, 1 being yes and 2 being no.

PayPal users are also likely to receive a text from PayPal with a specific code to confirm an activity or a transaction. This code is usually 6-digits long and users are required to enter it on their screen as per the prompts.

Conclusion For Text From 729-75 PayPal

PayPal users are advised to be very careful when dealing with texts from 729-75 asking them to confirm a certain PayPal activity because it's a scam. PayPal users should always check for tale-tale signs that a message is not from PayPal before taking any action. Texts that address PayPal users as a customer or client are usually not from PayPal but scammers. PayPal always refers to its users using their full names.  

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