ACE Cash Express: Review + Info (Private Lending)

ACE Cash Express is one of the biggest private lenders in the United States. The company’s headquarters are in Irving, Texas. ACE Cash serves customers in 24 states of the United States both through stores and through online procedures as well.

ace cash express


The company was incorporated in the year 1968 and is adept in providing short-term consumer loans, check cashing services, prepaid debit cards, and bill pay.

ace cash express review

The company follows a standard protocol for verification of the candidate. For online queries of loans, the applicant’s verification of the applicant’s information is done thoroughly.


Cash advances and payday loans are easy and fast with ACE Cash Express. Since the inception of their first store in 1968 in Denver, Colorado, the company today has a presence in 24 states of the United States and the District of Columbia.

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What Is ACE Cash Express Best For?

what is ace cash express best for


ACE Cash Express provides a specific loan though they cater to all the classes of society. It is best for the people who need a short-term loan just to bail them through their next payday.

The borrower’s requirements are less and thus the application process is easy and fast. The interest rates are slightly higher and therefore it is not ideal if you need a bigger amount.

How Does ACE Cash Express Work?

how does ace cash express work

With ACE Cash Express, you have the option to borrow money from their store or from their official website. Loan requirements eligibility is mentioned on their site and thus have a look at them before applying for a loan online.

You can choose a range of financial loans that they provide and fill the application accordingly.

While filling the form online, the following information will be required from the applicant:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • State of Loan
  • The property you live in is owned or rented
  • Social Security Number
  • Active Military Information

Considering Or Filing For Bankruptcy


After all these fields are filled, you will be asked to provide your current financial situation. After that, your application will go for processing and soon you will be notified whether your loan is approved or rejected. They send some pre-qualification loans to some of their privileged customers.

Is ACE Cash Express Legit?

is ace cash express legit

Yes, it is a legitimate company and is operating for over 5 decades now. The firm has also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Like other financial institutions, they too check your credit score before deciding whether to lend or not.

How Do You Get A Loan From ACE Cash Express?

ace cash express loaN

You can visit the store or apply online. Besides that, you can call on 866-223-2274 and speak directly to their payday loan representative.

Before making the call make sure you have your source of income, banking information, and social security number handy while completing the application via call. Once, you meet the requirements, you will be eligible for a loan.

What are some of the ACE Cash Express Alternatives?

ace cash express alternatives

Before finally deciding to take a loan from ACE Cash Express, you can compare it to other lenders such as Even Financial and BadCredit Loans. Let’s discuss the difference between them in detail:

BadCredit Loans vs ACE Cash Express

Just like ACE Cash Express, BadCredit Loans also offers the short term loan on an interest rate much lower than them. Paying timely for BadCredit Loans can improve your credit score while credit building loans are something that ACE Cash Express doesn’t provide.

In any condition, payday loans are never considered good for building credit. One thing where ACE Cash Express scores over BadCredit Loans is the speed of loan disbursement. They hardly take time if the information provided meets their criteria while BadCredit Loans take some time before they finally lend the amount.

Even Financial Vs ACE Cash Express

Even financial modus operandi is different than that of ACE Cash Experience. They provide personal loans for people with good as well as bad credit scores. The catch though is that rate of interest will depend on your credit score and some other factors.

If you have a bad credit score the rate of interest will be higher. While at ACE Cash Express they have a standard rate of interest which is more or less the same for all the borrowers.

Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying ACE Cash Express?

ace cash express jail

Yes, you will be subjected to criminal charges, if you don’t pay loans on time. Payday borrowers are often seen in court seeking criminal charges against them. Such charges often can lead you to arrest or sometimes jail as per the court orders.

How Much Can I Borrow From ACE Cash Express?

ace cash express borrow

The maximum amount that you can borrow varies from state to state and the amount ranges between 150$ and $2,000. Also, every loan that ACE Cash Express provides comes with a satisfaction guarantee of 72-hours. That is if you have decided or changed your mind, you can return the loan in 72 hours.

From Old Barber Shop,

There are various features about ACE Cash Express that makes them the best. The first point is the process. Not only is it easy but also quick as well. The funds will be in your account in the next 24-hours itself.

The walk-in process where you can go to their store and ask all the questions that you have, their employee will clear all the doubts you have in your mind. Most of the marketplace has a policy that they will lend a minimum of $1000. On the other hand, ACE Cash Express provides loans for as little as $100.

There is no credit score requirement and that makes it easy for you to get a loan. Rarely, you will find a loan getting rejected. However, the major issue is the extremely high fees. The average APR is over 200% which is way higher than the rates charged by other lenders.