ACE Fitness Affiliate: One Of The Top 100 Fitness Affiliates

ACE Fitness: What is it?

ACE is one of the leading and non-profit organization which is into exercises, physical-fitness, and health coach certification programs. It is completely professional.

The company’s goal is to set high standards in the fitness industry, to give career options and opportunities to professionals and help people across the world to move towards their mission.


Their sole commitment is to make an impact globally on facilitating more franchises and partnerships with various leaders of different industries, policymakers, communities, and the healthcare industry.

What does ACE Fitness Offer?

They offer NCCA-accredited certifications to continue education into science and fitness information.

They prescribe certain activities to prevent certain diseases such as obesity and thyroid. They are investing in missions which make people aware of health and fitness programs so that they learn to lead an active and healthy life.


ACE has been into a movement of ensuring that most people get access to certified programs for fitness like that of a health coach. These health coaches are supposed to provide leadership, expert knowledge, and specific other health programs so that the rest of the population are health conscious and move towards achieving their fitness goals.

How Much Can You Earn With ACE Affiliate Program?

The concept is quite simple. A person interested in such accreditation should apply.

Once the application is approved, you get access to web banners and certain other text links.


These banners and links can be placed on our site, in our email signatures or other social media handles. Whenever a person will visit these pages and will click on the mentioned links, he/she will automatically be directed to the ACE website. So every time a visitor visits these links and makes a purchase within the mentioned stipulated time, the applicator receives 8% of the commission in cash which is paid via a third party partner.

There is no limit on how much one can earn., the more there are visitors to the ACE website and the more they purchase through your site, the more you earn.

It is quite easy and straightforward. You can make a consistent income through this stream with minimal effort. For this, one does not need to be an ACE professional to take advantage of
this partnership. If you are a fitness professional, you qualify.

There are cases of people earning thousands every month from affiliate marketing alone. What's stopping you from making money online?

What is the ACE Accreditation Standards and Accreditation of Education Programs?

Accreditation standards for education programs are different than those used for
accreditation of certification programs. Accreditation of education programs is focused
on quality instruction, institutional structure, and whether students completing the program or degree have learned a defined body of knowledge. Accreditation of certification programs is focused on the quality, validity, and reliability of the program, its competency-based assessments, and its ability to differentiate individuals who are qualified to practice in a given profession.

Why are they both important?

Earning a degree from an accredited education program provides verification that you learned something from a quality institution. Earning an accredited certification verifies that you have met the criteria to work as a professional.

In keeping with standards of practice among other healthcare professionals, ACE has
received accreditation for all four of its primary certification programs.

The ACE Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, and Medical Exercise
Specialist Certification programs all hold accreditation by the National Commission for
Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

ACE and several other leading health and fitness certification organizations stand behind accreditation by the NCCA, an independent accrediting body that also evaluates programs for other health professionals like registered dietitians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and occupational therapists. Meeting standards of excellence already recognized in the medical community is the straightest path toward recognition by healthcare providers as part of the healthcare continuum, and ultimately, more opportunities to serve people who need our help.

The Benefits of ACE Affiliate Program

The great thing about this niche is you can set up a website dedicated to digital products
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Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

Driving traffic to your site is challenging yet essential. You need to get traffic to convert
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There are several ways to drive traffic to your site, both paid and unpaid, so it's easy to
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What You Need to Know About The Fitness Niche:

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ACE Fitness affiliate program is one of the many ways you can earn money online. Check out this post for 200+ Ways to Make Money Online.