What's Acorns Average Return Rate After Investing? (2023)

Geared towards new investors, Acorns is a Robo-advisor that simply put rounds up the purchases you've made using your credit and debit card to the nearest dollar (or more) and then invests that change for you. For months now, there's been a lot of talk with regards to Acorns especially given that it's already being compared to heavyweights such as Robinhood despite it being relatively new in the market.

Among the talk about this investing app is the average return. To be more specific, people want to know how much return they can get (if any) when they sign up for Acorns services. With this in mind, this post seeks to address everything there is to know about Acorn including whether or not it’s a good investment app and most importantly what’s their average return.



Acorns is a micro-investing app that helps individuals reach their saving or retirement goals by investing their spare change in ETFs.

Acorn App

Acorns Average Return


Acorns is an investment app that can and will assist you in reaching your savings or retirement goals. When you make a purchase using your credit or debit card there are usually changes left and it is this change that Acorns seeks to invest for you by rounding it to the nearest dollar.

While it can be used by both pro-investors and those who are only starting, it is good to note that an Acorns app is ideal for beginners. This is more so the case if they are struggling to save their money. Worth noting as well about the Acorns app is that there are an iOS and an Android version.  

How Does Acorns Work?

How Does Acorns Work


How Acorns work is very simple. It encourages those that have downloaded the app to invest their spare change after every purchase they’ve made be it using a credit or debit card. Once you’ve signed up for an Acorns account, it’ll round up your spare change and invest it. In terms of figures, let’s say you’ve walked into Starbucks and ordered a milkshake worth $3.65 Acorns will round this figure to $4.00 and save or invest $0.35.  

It then takes this spare change and through a series of questions ends up with an ideal investment option for your spare change. In most cases, this is usually assigning your spare change to a specific portfolio of ETFs.  

Is Acorns a Good Investment App?

Yes, this is more so the case if you are starting with an investment, having trouble saving money or you are in school let's say you are in college. If you are wondering why, well, for starters Acorns does waiver the $1 account management fee on its core micro-investing app for those in colleges. Furthermore, they've made it extra easy and fun to make deposits and withdrawals using the app.

Does Acorns Actually Make You Money?

Okay, Acorns is a good investment app but can it really make me some money? The answer is yes. Acorns can make you money. In fact, it can make you money in two ways. One, given that Acorn is an investment app, it can make you money by investing the spare change it takes from you and rounds them up. This will result in you making money.

Two, it also makes it possible for you to earn money in the form of cash-backs on purchases that you've made using either your debit or credit card granted that the purchases for a cash-back.  

How Much Money Do You Make With Acorn?

How Much Money Do You Make With Acorn

Now to the reason why a number of you are actually here, how much money can you make with Acorn is simply put, what’s Acorns’ average return? Acorns average return or in other words the money you stand to make with Acorns varies depending on the amount of spare change their pick up from.

It’s worth noting however that Acorns has very high fees for assets that they manage for you. For instance, if they were to invest $30 (a total of your spare change roundups per month) and you happen to be an Acorns personal user, you'll be required to pay $3 per month and this is 10% of your investment. Even if you were to pay $1 per month in fees they'll still be high given that it'll be over 3% of your invested funds.

Acorns Details

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