Amazon Affiliate Sign Up: Commission Rate + Tips & Tricks

Amazon Affiliate (Sign Up)

You're most likely here because you're interested in the Amazon affiliate to sign up process. When you hear internet marketers or SEO experts discus their Amazon affiliate program, you have to keep in mind that it's also recognized as Amazon Associates. This is one of the best and easiest way for you to monetize your blog or website. When signing up, the approval process doesn't take as much time as you think. Usually, it's instant. After your approval, you can search for products and start generating your own unique affiliate links and begin your affiliate marketing journey.

It's up to you on how you bring or direct your traffic to your links which is one of the biggest problems most affiliate marketers face. But once you find the right traffic, you can start scaling up and increasing your commission. There have been records of people earning a commission as low as 2% to as high as 10%.


Like many things in life - If you have patience and self-discipline, the outcome can be extremely rewarding.

Why Should I Go With Amazon?

The reason why many bloggers/affiliate marketers choose to go with Amazon affiliate marketing is that this company is trusted worldwide. It's a known brand that people trust, so they're more than likely are going to purchase from Amazon than some knock-off company.

There are people making thousands every week from Amazon affiliate marketing sales alone.


Now, to explain how you can get started with this well-known affiliate program.

What Do I Need Before Starting?

Remember that this program is more suited for people with social media traffic, organic/paid blog traffic, or any methods that can get converting traffic. If you don't have any ways to start getting traffic, then I suggest creating a blog, a social media page, or even a YouTube channel to build your traffic and followers/subscribers slowly. Upon registration, Amazon will ask you to provide a traffic source, so make sure to have these ready.

They will also ask some basic information about where you need to fill for your future payments.


Don't try to outsmart Amazon and put fake information; they will eventually catch on to you. If you're stressing out about the approval process, don't. You're more than likely to get accepted as long as you're not doing anything shady.

Getting Started: Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

You can start the application in 3 basic simple steps!

  • 1. First, you need to visit the homepage for Amazon Associates and click on "Join Now for free." Associates The webs most popular and successful Affiliate Program

  • 2. After clicking the join button, you need to log in either through your Amazon account or create a new one if you don't have one.
  • 3. Fill in the basic information.

They will ask you for your information such as name, phone number, and your current address. After filling this basic information, you will be asked to enter a traffic source (website, etc.).

Amazon will ask you what your website's purpose is and what you want to accomplish through the site.

After you complete all this, you should be able to generate and create links on the products that you've chosen. Now that you have your very own unique affiliate link, how do you drive traffic to them?

So now that you're done with your Amazon affiliate sign up let's proceed.

What Are Some Ways To Direct Traffic To Your Affiliate Link?

As easy as it sounds, getting traffic is difficult when you're starting off. This is the biggest problem most people face.

So what are some ways to direct traffic to your link?

  • YouTube - There are many YouTubers out there with tons of video views. You can see that many of them use affiliate links, especially in the product review videos. They normally place their affiliate links in the video description
  • Facebook Ads - You can use Facebook Ads to target a specific audience. Remember that Facebook is against affiliate links, so it's best to create a website and place your link on the website instead. There are also stories of people cloaking their links which prevents Facebook from detecting it.
  • Blogging - This is powerful, and many people do it. You can target your audience with keywords that aren't competitive, although it can from 3 months - a year to start seeing results. You can spread out your affiliate links on your articles and pages throughout your website.

There are tons of ways and strategies on how you can promote your affiliate link. You can find what works best for you.

Old Barber Shop Tip: Don't quit your job because it can take a lot of time, trial, and error to have a stable life in affiliate marketing. If you're currently working, then stay at your job and work on your project at the same time! With enough time and patience, you can soon make money online from the comfort of your home.

There are stories of people out there quitting their job and putting all their time into their projects. That's a huge risk. Only a few have made it to the finish line.

Final Thoughts

I'm an affiliate marketer myself, and I am in a group with several friends that are making a few hundred to even thousands per month. It all depends on your niche, competition, how much you're willing to sacrifice. Even in the most competitive niche - if you're persistent, you will eventually earn your first dollar. 

Even if you have no to little success (depending on your method to drive traffic) with it, at least you got the experience to try again. Many people fail, and it's normal! Think of it this way: You can't learn if you don't fail. I've failed many projects, and it's a learning experience. You don't lose. You gained knowledge out of it.

I believe that the growth of the digital marketing world is an opportunity for many individuals to succeed and earn a side income or full-time income to change their life. That's how I view it. This is an opportunity that many people should take advantage because it gets more competitive every year.

If you think this is not your way of making money, then I suggest taking a look at my article on 200+ ways to make money online. There are tons of methods out there on how you can earn money straight from your computer.