App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit

As someone fond of creating short clips for my TikTok content, I can't only rely on the limited built-in tools within TikTok. I use another video editing app because I want a quality video, which requires some advanced editing tools.

One of my trusted video editing apps is the InShot app. I liked that it has video editing and video-making features and tools, yet it is user-friendly. Even if there are advanced and professional features, anyone can still enjoy the app. 


Learn more about the InShot app below. Check out how I used the app’s features to create and edit incredible TikTok videos.

  • Discover InShot – A Popular Video Editing App
  • Explore the InShot App
  • Select Videos on the Timeline
  • Discover the Basic Video Editing Tools
  • Put Stickers and Texts
  • Add Music to the Video
App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit
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Discover InShot – A Popular Video Editing App

InShot is a popular video editing app known for its various basic and advanced editing features and tools. With over 100 million downloads and millions of active users, InShot proves its popularity alongside excellent user reviews and top ratings. 

App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit
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It feels like a professional tool for video editors that is handy because InShot is available on mobile devices. I liked the app because it has a complete set of tools for video editing, including music and audio. I never had to use another app for music and audio editing. 


Aside from videos, InShot also supports photo editing with its basic tools. I can edit my selfies instantly on the app by creating a collage, adding filters, and using stickers. The photo editing features of InShot are designed for Instagram stories

I also liked the user interface of InShot because it is minimalist yet sleek. Every feature and tool is obvious or easy to find, making it an extremely user-friendly app. The ease of exploring and using the app helps non-professionals create amazing videos.

InShot’s Availability and Pricing 

Launched in March 2014, InShot steadily grew its popularity because the team is dedicated to making the app better by constantly adding updates. 


I discovered the InShot app, a highly recommended video editing app. People can install the InShot app for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Although the app is free to download, I needed to subscribe to a premium account for additional perks. 

InShot offers subscription plans billed monthly at $3.99 and annually at $14.99. There is also a lifetime subscription that costs $34.99. I can also opt to just purchase in-app items like removing ads for $3.99. You can also purchase video effects for $1.9), filter packs for $1.99, transition packs for $3.99, and many more.

Explore the InShot App

Upon installing the app, InShot asked me to agree to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as they are committed to bringing users a better experience on the app. InShot does not require account registration. New users can immediately enjoy its tools and features. 

App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit
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The InShot app welcomed me with a request to access my media files on my local file storage. It is needed because I can easily choose the photos or videos I want to edit in InShot without opening my device’s gallery.

With a minimalist user interface, the app’s homepage is simple, with two lists of features that I can explore. First is the “Create New” list that I use when starting a new project. I need to select what file I wish to edit on InShot. For this I can choose between a video, photo, or collage.  

Available Materials on the App

The second list on the InShot app’s home page is the “Materials,” containing all the materials that I can use on the app. These items are labeled “free” and “pro.” Free items can be used unlimitedly on my project, and pro items will only be unlocked upon subscription.

Here, I can overview the things I can use for the project. I spend time exploring this to plan how to utilize the available materials. It is possible to check the stickers, filters, transitions, and effects for videos. 

Various fonts can be used for collages and photos and fonts for subtitles if needed. I have to manually download the materials which are then saved on my account. Remember, it is a must to download the material before they can be used to edit the videos.

Select Videos on the Timeline 

The editing process starts with selecting the video clip from my gallery. The app mentions that I need to select at least one video to be added to the project, but I can add as many videos as I need. It means that it is possible to combine separate clips. 

App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit
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On the panel or timeline where the selected clips are found, InShot advises utilizing the zoom feature. Zooming in the timeline can help me do precise editing frame by frame. Meanwhile, zooming out entails that I can preview the entire timeline. 

For multiple videos added on the timeline, I just have to do a long press and then I can easily drag the videos to rearrange the order. The timeline panel is at the bottom of the screen, whereas the center of the screen displays the frame being edited or where I paused the clip.

The timeline panel is crucial because it will be used for editing the video frame by frame. I can also play the video while it is being edited through the timeline. Lastly, the timeline shows the duration of the video when the different clips are combined, which is important for me since I do TikTok content

Canvas to Resize Videos

The canvas tool is what amazed me the first time I used InShot. The app automatically resizes the video by cropping them according to the screen size. It will take hours even with the professional editing software if I do it manually, but I can do it on InShot in just a tap. 

The app puts a frame on the video clip and the options are suited to the requirements of different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. There are also template ratios that I can use in an instant.

Discover the Basic Video Editing Tools

My TikTok content is usually playful and quirky, which requires many editing tools. Fortunately, InShot has everything that I need to produce any TikTok content.

App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit

The InShot app has basic video editing tools like any video editing app. First, I can flip and rotate the video or each frame through the app in just one tap.

It is also possible to reverse the video, which I use whenever I do prank videos to show the reaction of my victims. Trimming and splitting tools are also available as they are essential in editing the details of the video.

Background and Speed Features

InShot supports changing the background of my videos in an instant. I find this convenient whenever I do content that needs a clean or special background.

The app allows me to alter the background into a solid color, gradient, or pattern. I may also opt to just blur the background entirely. I can select a photo from my gallery and InShot will process the photo to make it the background.

It is also possible to play around with the speed of the video by scrolling on the slide menu bar provided. I can change the speed per frame through the “Curve” tab.

Put Stickers and Texts

It is common to see videos with stickers and texts, which helps the media’s visual appeal. InShot offers moving stickers, emojis, shapes, and even GIFs. A search bar is provided so I can easily find the sticker I want. 

App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit
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Upon choosing one, I need to tap on the sticker, and it will automatically appear on the frame. The stickers can be flipped, resized, rotated, and moved through pinching and dragging gestures.

I often use the text feature whenever I do storytelling in my content because I want my audience to fully understand what I am telling. The text completes the context of my story. 

Thus, I only used simple font styles and colors for the texts I put on my video. However, InShot has hundreds of font styles that can be used. Users may also choose any color of the text they want.

Filter Effects 

One thing I loved about the InShot app is its filter features. It has over 30 filters, ranging from simple black and white to a fancy neon filter. But, I loved the color filters wherein the photo is essentially black and white except for one color like red, orange, yellow, green, etc.

Moreover, InShot offers a slide menu bar that adjusts the level of filter applied to the video. 

Add Music to the Video

TikTok videos heavily rely on background music. InShot is a great app because I can easily put music on the video by inserting it into the file. I need to select the music from my files, music library, or use the pre-saved music on the InShot app. 

App to Edit TikTok Videos - Learn How to Download and Edit
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Once I add the music, I need to tap to edit it, if needed. InShot supports long pressing and dragging the music file to the video clip to be perfectly synced. The music and video must be synced to achieve a greater impact on my TikTok followers.

Another advanced feature of the InShot app is that I can adjust the volume of the music per frame of the video. I often use this feature to highlight my speaking voice in my TikTok video. 

Supported Audio and Music Files

The InShot app allows me to add audio tracks from my local file storage or choose from the available materials. It is also possible to extract audio from a different video clip. 

Aside from the general music or audio background, I can also add audio effects to the video. There are several sound options on InShot, such as transition chimes, games, bells, drinks, weapons, instruments, laughter, applause, heartbeats, birds, insects, and many more.

I can also use my voice recording as the audio background for my video. 


InShot is a great companion for editing videos for different platforms, especially TikTok. It has advanced features to make incredible videos, yet they are still easy to use even for non-professionals.