Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets

When I searched the web for applications to find cheap airline tickets, I found myself lost in the plethora of them!

There are actually so many resources available online that can save your precious time and hard-earned money. However, I noticed how only a few of these applications provide maximum benefit.


As I began shortlisting the apps that offer cheap airline tickets, I also found out that some of these can help me in other ways as I travel across the globe! For me, these apps have made the task of finding accommodation and tickets a very simple and easy job. Read on to learn which apps are my favorites.

  • Skyscanner
  • Kiwi
  • Momondo
  • Kayak
  • Skiplagged
Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets
Image Source: United Airlines and Travelling


Skyscanner is a flight compiler website that shows you awesome deals on flights around the world. I use this site to find really cheap flights by comparing multiple carriers, airports, and flight times. For me, Skyscanner has excellent usability and a very smooth interface.

Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets
Image Source: Google Play Store

I also noticed that their monthly bar chart is very intuitive and quite interactive as well and will portray all of your search results quite efficiently.  The monthly bar chart helped me figure out at which time period would a flight be cheapest to book within a certain period.


Another really interactive feature about Skyscanner is that it can show you the cheapest flights you can catch from your departure location. By using fixed dates, the Explore section will help you find a place to go within your budget!

While scrolling through the application, I learned that Skyscanner is basically the go-to for booking your entire trip! The application suggests where you should go, what you can do over there, how much it’ll cost, and so much more.

How to Download

Since I am an iPhone user, I found the user interface for Skyscanner’s iOS application much more interactive and smooth than its web version. If you also own an iPhone you can easily download the Skyscanner app by searching ‘Skyscanner’ on the Apple App Store and clicking ‘Get’ from the app's page.


If you don’t use an iPhone – no need to worry! You can download the application on your Android device as well by searching ‘Skyscanner’ on the Google Play Store and pressing ‘Install’ to initiate the download.

After downloading, I realized that the application has a very powerful search engine. is a brilliant option for anyone who plans on saving money on airfare while traveling with the help of its unique features for users.

Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets
Image Source: Kiwi will find you the cheapest possibilities for flights, even if it means options from different airlines! Most of the other applications for booking flights book the entire trip from the same airline or an airline with codeshares, but doesn’t work that way. also has a NOMAD mode which helped me find the least expensive itinerary available if I’m planning to go on a long trip – for example, in Europe. One thing I like a lot about is the guarantee they provide in case of flight delays, cancellations, or changes in the schedule too!

How to Download

The user interface for the app has me amazed. It is so simple, sleek, and elegant – all at the same time! Since we all use our phones so often and would prefer for applications to be smooth and easy to use, has done quite the job to ensure that!

If you own an iPhone and want to download the application, you can find it on the Apple App Storeby searching ' Cheap Travel Deals'. For Android devices, search ‘ Best travel deals: flights, trains, cars’ on the Google Play Store and click on the ‘Install’ button.


As soon as I downloaded Momondo, one thing I could say for sure about it was that no other application can match its colorful vibe. There is also an opportunity for people to access the mobile-only deals if they download the application! As I started the application, I was met by the arrival and departure airports identified by their IATA codes.

Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets
Image Source: Onestep4ward

Through the flight results of Momondo’s application, on the top of the screen, you can also find many filters through which you can sort out the cheapest and quickest flights along with the flights that can offer you the best value.

Once I inputted all my filters, in just one quick glance, I was able to find all the information I needed. The information is also very easy to read and interpret – you can find the airline’s logo and total transit time with the information as well. The application also redirects you to the airline’s website for more details.

How to Download

It’s always convenient to download travel apps on your phone so you can easily search through them. For iPhone users who want to use the application on your iOS device, you can simply search ‘Momondo’ on the Apple App Store and wait for it to download before using the application.

For Android users, search ‘Momondo’ on the Google Play Store and wait for it to download before using the application.


This application is a very simple yet convenient travel buddy for me. Whenever I’ve wanted to book cheap airline tickets, I’ve always referred to KAYAK. The interface is super simple and extremely easy to navigate as well! The filters are excellent and can help one come across the ideal tickets that they’re looking for.

Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets
Image Source: Kayak

The sorting interface is heavily reliable too, and you can find multiple options once you enter your requirements and adjust other filters as well. Not only this, I’ve always marveled at how quickly I can book using KAYAK. You don’t even need to go navigate off KAYAK to book – you can finish your entire booking without redirecting!

Another thing I really like about the application is that the app has its own flight tracker. You can also get the airport gate information through Kayak and receive notifications after price changes or any other alerts regarding your flight.

How to Download

To download Kayak on your iPhone, search ‘KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars’ on the Apple App Store and from the app's page you can press ‘Get’ to begin downloading to your device.

The application is also available for Android users on the Google Play Store by searching ‘KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars’ and pressing the ‘Install’ button to start the installation.


Skiplagged is the application to download if you want to find travel deals that are so exclusive that you may not find them anywhere else other than this app!

Find Out How These Apps Can Offer Users Cheap Airline Tickets
Image Source: Appedus

This application is one of the more unconventional flight search apps. The application not only has a traditional search engine to find great deals, but it can also find loopholes in prices.

Skiplagged is a master at finding these loopholes in airfare pricing, and in return, you might just be able to save hundreds of dollars in travel! The application will tell you if it’s cheaper to take two flights than one direct flight towards your destination – it’ll guide you to make a budget-friendly choice!

It’s even very evidently written on their website that their deals are so ridiculously exclusive that United Airlines sued them – and Skipplagged won! By downloading their application, you get the opportunity to customize alerts for deals according to your interests so that you only see flights relevant to you.

How to Download

Just as you can download every other travel application, Skiplagged is also easily available on every platform for mobile phones. The mobile application for Skiplagged is also, despite the name, lag-free and very simple to use! I found the interface very smooth, actually.

If you own an iPhone and want to download it on your iOS device, then you can search the application using ‘Skiplagged — Flights & Hotels’ on the Apple App Store and once you’ve found it, press ‘Get’ to download.

Similarly, if you use an Android, search for the application called ‘Skiplagged — Exclusive Flights & Hotels’ on Google Play Store. Press ‘Install’ to download and wait for it to finish before launching and claiming your own crazy flight deals.

Final Words

All of these applications are some of the best out there, and can provide you with deals that might just be too difficult to resist! Give any one of these a try to start saving on the cost of airfare for your trips.

I’ve used many of these applications myself and can say with conviction that they’ve helped me save a pretty penny meaning I can spend my money on my travels having new experiences. I’m sure you’d like to do the same with the money you’ll saved!