Can You Use Cash App In Ghana? (2023)

There is no doubt whatsoever that Square Inc.’s Cash App is a very convenient peer-to-peer online digital platform. With it, users have the ability to not only send and receive money easily through their mobile phones but also make payments to merchants online. Despite all the positives Cash App flourishes, it does have its cons. One major one being the fact that Cash App is not available internationally.

Yes, Cash App users cannot use Cash App to send or receive money internationally. It is with this that many wonder whether or not Cash App is available in their country. One such country where there is interest in Cash App is Ghana thus the question; is it possible to use a Cash App account in Ghana?


The simple answer to this Cash App question is no, Cash App is not available in Ghana and as a result, there is no way of using it in Ghana.  

What Is Cash App?

Cash App is basically a P2P platform that makes it possible for its users to send and receive money through their mobile phone(s). Besides, Cash App allows its users to shop online using money in their accounts. Cash App users have the option of either making payments to merchants directly using their Cash App accounts (only works if the merchant has a Cash App account) or a Cash Card. Simply put, Cash App makes the process of sending and receiving money as well as shopping online effortless and hassle-free.

Sadly however not everyone is in a position to enjoy Cash App’s great features since it’s not available internationally.


Who Can Use Cash App?

A big con with Cash App is the fact that it is not available to everyone. When it was first introduced by Square Inc., Cash App was only available to US residents. In other words, only US citizens were able to use it. They later expanded and offered their services to UK residents.

Currently (as of the time of writing this post), the only people who can actually create and use Cash App are those located in the US and the UK. Worth noting as well is that these two are the only countries where Square Inc. has set up an infrastructure or network that allows Cash App to operate.

This is important to note because it basically means that Cash App cannot work in other countries. Cash App users both in the US and the UK, despite having valid Cash App accounts, cannot send money using Cash App internationally. Let’s say a Cash App user wants to send money to other countries like Canada, France, Italy, or Mexico (a close neighbor of the US), they’ll not be able to do so simply because Cash App is not only available there but no network or setup supports it.


Given the fact that Cash App hasn’t set up a shop or network in Ghana to support its services, it is not possible to use Cash App in Ghana. It is also not possible for US or UK residents to send or receive money through Cash App while there in Ghana despite having valid Cash App accounts. It is also not possible to send money to someone in Ghana using Cash App.

Conclusion: Can You Use Cash App In Ghana?

While Cash App is arguably one of the best peer-to-peer digital platforms that allow users to send and receive money, it is not available to everyone. Luckily, there are other alternatives to Cash App that offer the same services be it with fewer features.

Cash App alternatives that are available in Ghana include the likes of PayPal. If you are in the US or the UK and want to send money to someone in Ghana you can do so either using PayPal or other platforms like TransferWise.

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