Can You Use Cash App in Kenya? (Answer + Details!)

When it comes to money, more-so the process of sending and receiving money, convenience is something that many people regard very highly. We all want ways or methods in which we can be able to not only access our money easily but also be able to use it without any hustle. This is why there has been an increase in users as well as the popularity of peer-to-peer payment platforms or apps. One such P2P app that is causing quite a buzz is Cash App.

Cash Appis a product of Square Inc. Since its introduction, Square Inc. has taken many steps to make sure that they appeal to many users. One such step is the introduction of several useful features. For starters, Cash App users can make use of the Cash App credit card feature to make payments, purchases at physical stores, or even access their money at various ATMs. Such features have made many users wonder whether they can use their accounts outside the country thus the question; can I use Cash App in Kenya?


No, Cash App users who happen to travel to Kenya cannot use their Cash App accounts. Simply put, you cannot use Cash App in Kenya.

Why Can I Not Use Cash App in Kenya?

Cash App users who are planning on taking a trip to Kenya or maybe send money to someone who is based in Kenya cannot be able to do so. There are many reasons why this is so. For starters, people in Kenya do not have Cash App accounts. In order to use Cash App to send or receive money, both parties need to have Cash App accounts. Given the fact that this is not the case, it is impossible for someone to use Cash App in Kenya.

But what if I am trying to send money to the US to someone who has a Cash App account or maybe I’ve traveled with someone from the US with a Cash App account to Kenya and I want to send them money through the app. This might seem very possible at first given that all parties have Cash App but unfortunately, it’s not. One of the main reasons why Cash App users cannot use Cash App in Kenya is the fact that Cash App hasn’t set up a base or a framework in Kenya that allows such transactions.


For money to be transferred from one person to another using Cash App through a mobile phone or device, a Cash App framework has to be there first. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Kenya and actually several other countries as well. Square Inc. has only set up such a framework in two countries and they are the UK and the US meaning it’s only in these two countries that it is possible to use Cash App.

Who Can Use Cash App?

Given the fact that Cash App has its base set up in only two countries (UK and US), the only people who can use it to send, receive or accept money are those residing in these two countries. Simply put, only residents in the UK or the US can create Cash App accounts and use them to send, request, or receive money online.  

While it is not possible to use Cash App in Kenya, there are some alternatives that users can use if they are planning to travel to Kenya and don’t want to carry physical money. One such alternative is PayPal. Not only does it allow users to send and receive money to and from the US, but many Kenyan businesses and individuals also have PayPal accounts meaning users can easily make payments without necessarily using physical money.


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