Can You Use Venmo In Australia? (Answer + Details!)

If you are in Australia and happen to have heard about Venmo, be it during your travels to the US or simply through the web, chances are, you are fully aware of the benefits it possesses. With Venmo, one can be able to easily send or receive money to or from friends and family members in no time. In fact, one can even use it to make payments for money they’ve borrowed at some earlier point again be it from a friend or a family member.    

While this is so, not everyone can be able to create a Venmo account. In other words, not everyone can use Venmo. It is with this that many wonder whether or not they can be able to use Venmo. One place or country where many ask about Venmo is Australia. In particular, many ask or wonder whether or not they can use Venmo in Australia.


If you are in Australia, you cannot be able to use Venmo. Currently, Venmo is only available to those located physically in the US. Equally important to note is that Venmo is not international. In other words, you cannot send money internationally using Venmo.

Venmo At A Glance

PayPal’s Venmo is basically an online mobile payment service that allows users to send or receive money. Since its introduction back in 2009, Venmo has received lots of love especially from those in college or those starting out their lives. This group of people, through Venmo, are able to make payments for a number of things including bills, rent, or even things they’ve hoped for.

Creating a Venmo account is very easy. All you need is simply to be physically located in the US. Furthermore, you’ll need to share with Venmo a US mobile phone number that can send and receive texts from shortcodes.


It is worth noting that the information you share with Venmo tends to vary depending on what they are trying to do. For instance, if you want to transfer funds from a Venmo account they’ll need to disclose details of the bank account associated with their debit card or account. If you’d like to receive the Venmo credit card, you’ll be required to disclose your Social Security Number.

Venmo Only Operates In The US

Despite being very popular and very useful when it comes to allowing users to use their money online, Venmo is not available to all. Yes, not just anyone can use Venmo. In fact, only residents residing in one country can use it and they are those living in the US. If you are living in Australia, you’ll not be able to use it. In fact, even those living in Canada and Mexico cannot use Venmo despite these two countries being close neighbors to the US.     

While you can use Venmo in the US you cannot use it to send money internationally. The process of sending or receiving money is only possible within the US.


Possible Solutions To The Problem

The solution to this problem comes down to what you are trying to do or what you wanted to do with a Venmo account. If you are living in Australia and wanted to use Venmo to send or receive the money within Australia, you have the option of choosing another service. One such service that makes it possible to send and receive the money within Australia is PayPal, yes the company that owns venom. If you are in the US or in Australia and wanted to send money internationally using a Venmo account, you can choose either to do so using Transfer Wise, World Remit, and Remitly. These three make it possible to move money internationally for a small fee.

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