Can You Use Venmo in India? (Answer + Details!)

Being able to transfer money easily from one person to the other, be it a friend, a family member, or even a merchant or business, is very important to many people today regardless of where they are in the world. It is with this that many companies are coming up with or developing peer-to-peer payment apps that make it possible for users to do just that. One such P2P app that is very popular is Venmo.

Given its popularity, many people have shown interest in not just knowing about it but also creating a Venmo account. One such place where many people are enquiring about Venmo is India. This post will be answering those in India, those wanting to send money to India, or those planning to travel in India and want to use Venmo payment services.


Venmo does not work in India. Users traveling to India with valid Venmo accounts cannot use to send money in or from India to the US. Besides, those residing in India cannot open a Venmo account.

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What Is Venmo?

Venmo, like many peer-to-peer payment apps, allows its users to easily send and receive money through their phones. A unique feature with Venmo however is the fact that it is widely accepted by teens or simply put millennials. They use Venmo to pay for their friends or loved one’s lunch, pay for rent (if living in a shared space), borrow money from other friends, or make contributions for trips, and so on.


Regardless of how it's used, Venmo’s main purpose is to make it easy for users to transfer money through their phones regardless of where they are. While it is relatively new, it does have a sizable amount of users who use it practically daily throughout the country.  

Who Can Use Venmo?

While it might seem like an app that just about anyone can use given its popularity worldwide, Venmo is not available to everyone. This payment app can only be used by those that are residing in the US. In other words, residents in the US are the only ones who can create and use a Venmo account.

The process of creating a Venmo account if a user happens to live in the US is very easy. Simply access the Venmo app on a mobile device and start the start-up process. Keep in mind that Venmo requires users to have a cell or mobile number (registered in the US) that can receive calls and text messages. Some users are also asked to share with Venmo their Social Security Number (SSN). Users that are asked for their SSN are usually those that apply for a Venmo credit card.  


Can Someone Use Venmo In India?

Given the information shared above, we can conclude confidently that Venmo is not available in India. What this simply means is that those residing in India cannot create a Venmo account. Even if someone actually manages to do so in India, the app will not work given that Venmo hasn’t set up a network for it there.

Equally important to point out is that Venmo is not international. As such, Venmo account holders in the US who want to send money to India using the app cannot do so. Furthermore, if they were to travel to India, they’ll still not be able to use their Venmo accounts.

If you are a Venmo account holder and want to send money to India using your Venmo account, it is advised to look for other alternatives. An ideal alternative when it comes to sending money not just in India but in many countries worldwide is Paypal. Simply create a PayPal account (if you don’t have one that is) load it up with the amount you want to send, ask for an email from the recipient and you’ll be good to go.