Can You Use Venmo In Mexico? (2023)

Venmo for those who are not aware of it is basically an online platform that makes it possible for its users to send and receive money online. Over the years, Venmo has received lots of attention which in turn has resulted in many people inquiring about what it really is and whether or not they can be able to sign up for an account.

One such place or country to be exact, where there are lots of inquiries regarding Venmo and how you can create an account is Mexico thus the topic of this particular post. This post highlights whether or not anyone can be able to open and use a Venmo account in Mexico.


So can you use Venmo in Mexico?

Venmo does not offer its services outside the US or internationally. Simply put, you cannot be able to create a Venmo account or use one if you are located in Mexico. Read on for more on this and what you can do.

Venmo Does Not Work Internationally

For those who are hearing about or have just heard about Venmo, it is basically an online app or platform that makes it super easy to send or receive money online. Unfortunately, Venmo does not work internationally. Yes, users cannot use their Venmo accounts to send money to other users or someone who is not located in the US.

In addition to not being able to work internationally, it is worth pointing out that it can only be used in just one country and that’s the US. Users outside the US, even if they managed to create a Venmo account, simply can’t use it outside the US. Just in case you are wondering why the answer is pretty simple; Venmo only operates in the US.


Setting Up A Venmo Account

There are several measures that Venmo has taken to make sure that the only people opening an account on their platform are located in the US. One such measure is asking or requesting for certain US details that’ll only work if one is located there. For instance, when creating an account, one has to provide their US cell phone number which should be able to send and receive texts.

If you are looking at making use of the Venmo credit card, you’ll be required, in addition to your cell phone number, to disclose your Social Security Number. Worth noting as well is that you’ll be required to share details of a US-based bank associated with your account if you want to transfer any funds in A Venmo account to a connected bank account.

Other Options

If you are in Mexico and wanted to send money to someone, Venmo is not an option. There are other channels or alternatives that you can use to send money while in Mexico. If you were in the US and wanted to send money to Mexico, you can be able to do so with other platforms such as Transfer Wise, World Remit, and Remitly. PayPal is also a good option even when it comes to sending money when you are within Mexico. Do keep in mind however that the person you are sending money to should have a registered working PayPal account before you can be able to send and before they can be able to access the money.


Despite being a very useful financial tool, Cash App does not offer its services internationally. If you are located in Mexico, there is no way you can be able to use it to send or receive money. This also applies if you are an American with a valid account and happen to move to Mexico.

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