Free Cash App $3,000: Is It A Scam? (2023)

If you’ve been making any transactions online that involve money, then chances are you are well aware of the fact that scams and cases of people being hacked online are widespread especially with online applications that allow users to use or store money online.

One such application that is quickly becoming a top target for scammers and hackers worldwide is Cash App. This particular interest from scammers and hackers alike can be attributed to Cash App’s rapid growth over the years.


In most cases, Cash App scams usually involve the promise of free money. Taking note of this, Cash App users are very keen on Cash App campaigns or promotions involving free money.

It is with this that many Cash App users are asking, is the recent free Cash App $3,000 campaign real or a scam? The answer to this question is no, the free $3,000 Cash App campaign making rounds on the socials is a scam. 

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Is There Such A Thing As Free Cash App Money?

One of the reasons why Cash App scams have become so successful and many in a very short period of time is social media, in particular, YouTube and Twitter.

When Cash App was initially launched, there was a campaign launched to promote it on these two platforms. They included the use of hashtags, one of which was #CashAppFridays. It was during these campaigns that some Cash App users received free money and gifts.

While the campaigns ended, the #CashAppFridays tag never died. More and more Cash App users started paying attention to it especially those seeking free Cash App money and/or gifts. Taking note of this was and still are scammers who through various accounts both on Twitter and YouTube use the #CashAppFridays tag to target unsuspecting Cash App users. They usually promote fake campaigns promising free money or gifts and unsurprisingly a number of Cash App users fall for their scams.


In most cases, users are usually asked to either download some software or app which they should use for a period of time before receiving the money in their account as advertised. In some instances, the software or online application unsuspecting Cash App users download ends up collecting sensitive information about their Cash App account. Scammers then use this information to access the accounts of unsuspecting Cash App users.

The Free Cash App $3,000 Scam

Yes, the free Cash App $3,000 campaign that is currently making rounds on platforms like Twitter and YouTube is a scam. Simply put, Cash App or no one, let's say another Cash App user, will send or deposit $3,000 to another user's Cash App account.

If you were to fall for this scam, you’ll be taken in circles with no end in sight especially if you were to download software or online applications suggested by the scammers. In most cases, once a Cash App user downloads the suggested software or online application, they’ll be required to either download another online application or perform daily tasks like sharing links with the promise of receiving the money after a period of time. Regardless of how Cash App users go about it, expect the scammers to make money out of you.


Taking note of all the scams, Square Inc., the company behind Cash App, is working with experts to control the number of scams popping up every-day. Regardless, Cash App users are urged to watch out for these scams. Most importantly, Cash App users ought to have in mind that Cash App doesn’t run any campaigns that involve giving Cash App users money.

If you are not sure whether or not a certain Cash App promotion is a scam, you are advised to get in touch with Cash App support. By doing so they’ll not only confirm to you whether a certain promotion is legit but they’ll also tell you what to do and how to protect yourself.

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