Free Cash App $500: Is It Real Or Scam?

Cash App’s popularity has increased tremendously over the years.  With this newfound fame, more and more people are signing up to use their services. While this is a good thing for not only Cash App but also Cash App users who get to enjoy reliable online money services, it is also bad given that it has attracted a number of fraudsters whose intent is stealing money from unsuspecting Cash App users by employing a number of tactics. One common trick or tactic is promising free money to Cash App users.

It is with this that many smart Cash App users question just about every Cash App promotion that involves receiving free money to their Cash App account. One such promotion that’s in question at the moment by Cash App users in the country is the Free Cash App $500 promotion. Is it real or is it a scam?


The Free Cash App $500 promotion message being shared on socials, more-so on YouTube and Twitter, is not true. In other words, Cash App or no one for that matter is offering Cash App users free $500, it is a scam. Below is everything there is to know about this scam and most importantly the problem that is Cash App scams and social media platforms.

Cash App Scams & Social Media Platforms

Cash App users whether new or old have come across promotional messages on different social media platforms offering free Cash App money at some point since opening their Cash App account. For old Cash App users, these messages don’t evoke any emotion or action given that they know they are scams.

New Cash App users, however, especially those in need of some extra money quickly, tend to fall for these messages time and time again and as such end up losing money on their Cash App accounts. This can be attributed to social media platforms where such promotional messages are not only promoted constantly but are backed by a number of accounts including some that look like legit Cash App accounts.


Twitter and YouTube, for instance, have a very popular promotional Cash App tag that brings in lots of Cash App users in one place on a particular day and that is #CashAppFriday. While the intentions were good when it was first created, (in fact, it was created by Cash App as a promotional tool and some giveaways were genuinely made when it started) it has become a haven for scammers looking to scam Cash App users. If you were to search for this tag on both YouTube and Twitter today, you’ll notice that most of the posts or videos promise free money from $5, $10 to even $100, the videos and posts are endless.

If you were to follow up on these posts and videos with the individuals that made them, you’ll notice that most of them ask you for your personal account details. They do this with an intention of gaining access to your account and stealing any money that you might have.

The Free Cash App $500 Scam

Now that we’ve highlighted Cash App scams and how social media helps in promoting them, let’s focus on the new Cash App $500 promotion. As already mentioned, this is a scam. Just in case you have any doubts, simply look at the number of new social media accounts popping up so as to promote and support it. So yes, the Free Cash App $500 promotion is a scam and this is regardless of the many YouTube videos and Twitter posts promoting it.