7 Best Cash App Alternatives: Mobile Payment Apps! (2023)

Not everyone is content with Cash App and that's fine! If you're not satisfied with the platform, there are other Cash App alternatives for you to check out. In today's day and age, sending money electronically has made life many times more efficient. Not everyone likes to carry dollar bills and change. If you're in search of the best Cash App alternatives, then we got you covered!

1. Venmo


The first on the list is Venmo. Venmo is probably the closest thing you can get to Cash App. With Venmo, you can only send and receive money using the app. This money-sending app is owned by PayPal in case you didn't know. Venmo is catered to people sending or receiving money from friends and families while PayPal is designed mainly for businesses. You can request your own Venmo debit card and use the balance straight from your account.

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2. Zelle


Zelle is offered by many big banks. These banks include Wells Fargo and Chase. For example, if you have money in your bank account - these banks normally have Zelle connected to the app where you can send and receive money from people. With your bank mobile application, you won't need to install Zelle unless you really have to.


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3. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google offers mobile payment online if you have Google Pay. You can use Google Pay and integrate with other Google products making transactions more efficient and easy. Unfortunately, Google Pay isn't as accepted compared to other payment apps. As for funds, users might have to wait 24 hours or longer to receive their funds.

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4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger


For many, Facebook Messenger is simply an app for sending messages to friends, family, and loved ones. While this is true, Facebook users can also use it to exchange money. With Facebook Messenger, the process of sending money is very easy making it an ideal choice for anyone who is not comfortable using the likes of Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App.

Keep in mind however that Facebook Messenger has limited payment sources. Besides, it doesn’t have robust bill-splitting features as the case with the likes of PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. While you can only send or receive money using Facebook Messengers to and from other Facebook users, it is not a must to do so between Facebook friends. 

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5. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Lovers of everything Apple, whether it’s Apple products like iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Music, or even Apple TV are bound to fall in love with Apple Pay. With it, users can easily make payments for items or services they purchase or seek.

Worth pointing out with this particular Cash App alternative is the fact that it is very easy to make payments with it. Simply hold an iPhone over an NFC terminal at any given store and payment will be processed (provided there is money in the account). While it wasn’t an option during the early days, Apple Pay users can now pay other people using it as well as maintain funds.

Some of the advantages associated with Apple Pay include a quick and easy NFC-Payment system, a high-reward credit card option, it's anonymous and it manages gift cards, moving tickets among other things.

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6. PayPal


In terms of popularity and number of active users worldwide, PayPal is without a doubt topping all the other Cash App alternatives listed on this particular. In addition to being very easy to set up and use, Cash App is available in several counties. This puts them at an advantage over other Cash App alternatives especially with those looking to send money to different places or countries all over the world.

With PayPal, users can send and receive money with just a click of a button. The same also applies to payment. With payments, however, a business or a merchant should be able to first receive payment using PayPal (something that’s very common these days).

A plus with PayPal in addition to allowing users to send money to many countries is fees (fairly priced fees), especially when sending money to a different country with a different currency.  

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7. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Despite being highlighted last in this Cash App alternatives post, Samsung Pay is a very ideal digital wallet option for users. Think of Samsung Pay as an app that makes it possible to make payments using Samsung mobile devices. Users of Samsung Pay can be able to make payments using it at any given retail store in the country.

It’s good to point out that Samsung Pay uses two types of methods to communicate with a card reader to facilitate payment. These two are MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication). What this basically does is remove the probability of Samsung Pay not going through.

Sadly, many stores in the country currently do not accept Samsung Pay meaning users are limited to the stores they can visit in the event they want to use it to make payments.

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Conclusion For Cash App Alternatives

While Cash App is ideal when it comes to sending and receiving money, there are some instances where you might be required to seek alternatives. In the event this happens, do keep in mind the alternatives listed in this post as they are bound to come in handy.

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