Cash App Bank Name: Lincoln Savings Bank (Info + Details)

Having trouble finding the official Cash App Bank Name?

This post highlights all there is to know about Cash App bank name.  


cash app bank name

When using Cash App, it is very important that you link or add a valid bank account to your account. Doing so will allow you to fully benefit or simply put, will allow you to enjoy the various features and tools that Cash App has in place.

Equally important is knowing Cash App bank name, what is it and where can you find it. While it might seem like an easy to do the task but knowing or simply locating Cash App bank name has proven difficult to a number of Cash App users.


cash app bank name

That said, this post seeks to not only address but also solve this problem. Below you’ll find everything there is to know about Cash App Bank Name and how to locate it.

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Cash App Bank Name & How To Locate It

cash app bank name

Knowing who or which bank issues Cash App’s debit cards helps in knowing the bank behind Cash App or Cash App bank Name. That said Cash App debit cards are usually issued by Sutton Bank and powered by Lincoln Savings Bank. 

Now that you know what Cash App Bank Name is, the next logical question or step is knowing how to locate it. Worth noting about Cash App bank Name especially when it comes to how you can locate it, it is important that you understand that you’ll need to have a verified Cash App account.

cash app linked accounts

Furthermore, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve activated Cash App’s direct deposit feature on your account. Once you’ve done these two, you can now start locating the Cash App Bank Name.

This process as already mentioned is very simple. Just follow the simple steps laid out below and you’ll be able to locate your Cash App Bank Name.

cash app linked accounts

Furthermore, they’ll (these steps) allow you to locate the bank's routing and accounting number as well as the bank’s address.

The steps being referenced are;

  • Step 1: Download Cash App On Your Android or iOS Based Device & Sign-In (Remember you’ll need to have a valid verified account)
  • Step 2: On The Home Screen Tap On The Profile Icon
  • Step 3: Locate “Fund” By Scrolling All The Way Down On The Home Screen & Click On It
  • Step 4: On The Page That Pops/Loads Scroll Down To Get Cash App Routing & Bank Account Number
  • Step 5: Use The Routing Or Bank Account Number To Get Cash App Bank Name. By simply doing a search of either the routing or accounting number on Google.
  • Step 6: Now Take The Cash App Bank Name & Share It With Your Employer In Order To Start Getting Direct Deposits To Your Account

Possible Cash App Bank Name Problems You Might Encounter

cash app problems

While these steps will help you locate the Cash App bank name, it’s worth noting that you might encounter some challenges while doing so.

If you're having trouble locating Cash App's bank name, consider the following;

  • Check to see whether your phone has access to the internet. Equally important is ensuring that the internet is strong.
  • Update Your Cash App app. Using an old version of the Cash App app can be the reason why you are not able to locate Cash App Bank Name. Simply uninstall the app currently on your phone and download the latest version.
  • Server error and the technical glitch is another reason why you might find it difficult to locate Cash App's bank name. As such, try closing the app altogether and powering it on again. You should consider shutting down your phone altogether.    


cash app conclusion

There you have it, a detailed look at all things related to Cash App's bank name. by now you should be able to not only locate Cash App Bank Name but also troubleshoot certain problems you might have when doing so.

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