What Is Cash App Business Account Limit? [Answered]

Wondering how much is your Cash App business account limit? Well, read on to learn more about Cash App’s business account including the sign-up process, limits, and limitations. 

cash app business account limit


Known to have been founded back in 2013 as a simple app meant for peer-to-peer payments between users with accounts, Cash App, also known as Square Cash expanded its services to businesses way back in 2015. Despite this fact, however, many businesses still struggle with Cash App especially when it comes to how it can help better their businesses.

One of the areas many businesses struggle with especially when thinking about signing up for a Cash App business account is the business limitation. Are there any limitations that might end up holding back my business? This is a question many businesses have when it comes to this particular service.

It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this particular post. Below you’ll find details on all things Cash App’s business account limit. We'll also highlight additional details about Cash App Business services to help you get started the right way hence fully benefit from it.


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Cash App Business Account: The Basics

cash app business account

Before getting into the subject that is Cash App’s account limit or limitation it is important that we familiarize ourselves with the basics. That said, Cash App for business is basically a service that allows businesses to conveniently receive payments.


Once you set up a Cash App account as a business you receive a unique username (commonly known as Cashtag) that users or your customers and clients will use to make payments to your business.


In addition to the username, businesses are also given a custom payment page URL. With this URL businesses can make the process of receiving payment quick and reliable. Worth noting when covering Cash App basics is the transaction fee that they have in place.

Every transaction your business makes on Cash App incurs a transaction fee of 2.75%. While there is a fee for every transaction, standard deposits are free for every business regardless of the size.

Setting Up Your Cash App Business Account

cash app business account

One of the benefits of using a Cash App for a business account is the ease of setting up one. You can create your Cash App business account either through the Square Cash app or by visiting their official website.

Once you’ve followed all the steps provided, which include linking your business account to either an email address or a phone number, you’ll receive a confirmation message with a special code that’ll act as part of your login details.

To complete the process of creating your account you’ll need to link a valid debit card and confirm both your first and last name.

Worth noting, once you create an account with Cash App it will be by default a personal account.

You’ll need to change to a business account once you’ve finished creating your account. Luckily, the process is very simple. Simply navigate to app settings, select the personal menu then the option of changing your account from personal to business.

Cash App Business Account Limitations

cash app business account limit

What about the limits? Well, interestingly enough it doesn’t have any. Yes, there are no limits to the amount of money you can receive if you hold a business account with Cash App.

Even better, there are no restrictions to the number of transactions your business can make, and if you verify your account you have the possibility of sending up to $7,500 per week.

While there are no limits there are certain limitations that might affect your business.

For instance, it doesn’t allow overseas payment meaning your business is only limited to local payments. In addition, as a business, you cannot use the Cash App Visa debit card.

If you are after Cash App support they only offer such via social media, email, or phone.

From Old Barber Shop,

While Cash App is an ideal addition to any business, consider other services that’ll help you track your money as this is something it doesn’t do. All in all, a Cash App business account is ideal for streamlining your business’ payment process.

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