5 Ways To Reach Cash App Customer Service! [UPDATE]

Several years ago, reaching Cash App customer service would be nearly impossible for many users. As Cash App becomes more popular, the availability of Cash App customer service has been improving.

cash app customer service


Today, you can reach Cash App customer service in several ways:

  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Twitter direct message
  • Reddit support
  • Facebook support

As an avid Cash App user, I’ll be going through each Cash App customer service method on the list.

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Cash App Phone Support

cash app customer service

First on the list is Cash App phone support. In case of any issues and you’re in need of immediate help, you can call Cash App directly by dialing (855) 351-2274 on your mobile phone. 

Cash App Email Support

cash app email support


If calling Cash App isn’t the right method to contact customer service, then you can try emailing support! One way to contact Cash App via email is through your Cash App account. I've had experience with Cash App's customer service recently and let me tell you - I'm amazed.

In comparison to several years ago, their support has improved tremendously. I remember struggling to connect with customer support and now - it's 10x easier.

To contact Cash App customer support through email, you need to have an account with Cash App first. If you haven't already, check out my Cash App sign up- an article written by me and the full Cash App guide. If you're ready, then let's go through the steps to reach Cash App email support. Go ahead and launch Cash App on your phone.

Once you launch your Cash App, tap the profile icon on the top right of the screen.

cash app profile

After tapping the profile icon, you will see a list of available options and settings. Tap on "Support."

cash app support

Now you will be taken to a "How Can We Help You" screen. On the bottom, tap "Something Else."

cash app customer service

You will see a list of available problems that are common. If you can't find a related problem, scroll down, and tap "Account Settings."

cash app account settings

Once you tap on "Account Settings," scroll down and you will find "Contact Support." Tap on that.

cash app contact support

Now Cash App will display a list of recent transactions. If you have any issues with your recent transactions, you can tap on one of those. If it's not related, then tap on "Not About a Transaction."

cash app transaction support

You'll get directed to "Talk to Support," where you can contact them by tapping on "Email" on the bottom left.

cash app email support

After that, a screen should pop up asking "Is this where we can reach you" with the email you signed up for Cash App with. If it's the correct email, then tap yes. If not, then tap no and Cash App will ask you to add the email they should contact you with.

cash app customer service

Once you confirm your email, Cash App will ask you to write a description of the problem you're dealing with. They should contact your email within less than 24 hours. When I contacted Cash App support, it took them about an hour to get back to me but it all really depends!

Cash App Twitter Support

cash app twitter

Another way to get Cash App customer service is by contacting Cash App's Twitter account: @CashSupport. If you have a Twitter account, just direct message them your situation and they'll connect you with an agent.

cash app twitter account

If you didn't know, the owner of Cash App also owns Twitter.

Cash App Reddit Support

cash app reddit

Another place to go for Cash App customer service is r/CashApp on the Reddit community. While their customer service isn't known to be active here, you can expect answers and questions from the community.

The subreddit was created on January 11th, 2018, and now has over 20,000+ members. You can find lots of questions and answers here, so don't hesitate to ask any Cash App related questions!

Cash App Facebook Support

cash app facebook

Last but not least - we have Cash App Facebook support. Similar to Twitter, you can contact Cash App on Facebook and they'll provide the same support.  Just have a Facebook account ready and tap "Send Message." You should be ready to go!

From Old Barber Shop,

If you know any other ways to reach Cash App customer service, be sure to comment below and I'll add it to the list! Without a doubt, Cash App customer service has improved tremendously within the last several years. I didn't forget how painful it was to reach support but nowadays - it's much easier than you think.

For other Cash App information, check out these tables below.

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