Is There A Cash App Gift Card? (2023!)

If there is one peer-to-peer payment platform in the US that’s gained a massive following in a very short period of time then it has to be Square Inc.’s Cash App. This P2P mobile application makes the process of sending and receiving the money to and from friends and family members very easy and most importantly hassle-free.

Furthermore, it is very user-friendly and users can send money to friends, businesses, or even family members by simply using their email address, phone number (if available), or a special $Cashtag that is usually assigned when signing up.


A plus with Cash Appis that it allows or accepts a number of bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards. What about other card options? Let’s say gift cards, does Cash App accept or allow gift cards? Below is what there is to know about Cash App and gift cards.

What Is Cash App & How To Use It?

Before jumping into all things gift cards and whether or not they are accepted by Cash App, it is important to first look at this P2P app and understand how it works more-so for those who are just hearing about it.

Cash App is basically a peer-to-peer online payment platform. It makes it possible for its users to accept, send, and receive money online. In addition, users can use their accounts to make purchases online from different merchants or businesses given they have valid Cash App accounts.


Using Cash App is very simple, in fact, if you’ve ever used other P2P apps like Venmo and PayPal, you’ll find using Cash App a breeze given it has similar functions. With Cash App, users are able to transfer funds to their bank accounts whenever they want (this only applies if a valid bank account is linked to a Cash App account), transfer or send money to friends or family members virtually and link payment options.

Is There A Cash App Gift Card?

With some slight knowledge about Cash App and how it works, let’s turn our attention to the reason why many clicked on this particular post and that is Cash App and gift cards. Gift cards for those who aren’t familiar with them are basically prepaid cards. While many of them are government-enabled (money government issues out due to unemployment benefits or as economic relief payments to individuals), they are also available at a number of stores for purchase (they’ll need to be topped up with cash if purchased before using them).  

As per information shared by Cash App on their support page, a number of government-enabled prepaid cards are accepted. Simply put, yes there is a Cash App gift card. With gift cards and Cash App, it’s good to point out that they cannot be used when it comes to all things Cash App deposits. Furthermore, there is no way that you can send money from a Cash App account to a gift card. It is possible however to send someone money on Cash App using a gift card.


Other Cards Cash App Accepts

While on the subject of cards, it is equally important to know the type of cards Cash App generally accepts. That said, Cash App accepts a number of cards. Most common cards accepted by Cash App include credit and debit cards from MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Visa. It is important to link a card to a Cash App account as it opens up a number of possibilities when it comes to how your Cash App account operates. Furthermore, it makes it possible to access money on any given Cash App account offline.


Yes, there is a Cash App gift card. In other words, Cash App does allow or accept gift cards. It’s good to note however that using a gift card(s) on Cash App has certain limitations, get to familiarise yourself with them before using one as a card of choice on Cash App.