Cash App Joe Rogan: What You Need To Know! (2023)

There are a number of tactics used by companies or organizations in order to get their message(s) out there. From making adverts that are shared across a number of platforms including online media, TV, and radio to paying well-known personalities, the list is endless. Square Inc. has also employed a number of tactics to promote their peer-to-peer payment platform Cash App. From using and promoting popular Cash App tags on a number of social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube to sponsoring a number of events and shows, you name it.

While it is usually very obvious to tell whether or not Square Inc. is marketing Cash App, whether it’s sponsoring or not, there are some instances where it isn’t as clear. Take for example the case of popular podcaster Joe Rogan is he or is he not being sponsored by Cash App?  


Joe Rogan is a well-known personality that’ gives Cash App lots of mentions online. From promoting Cash App’s features to encouraging users to purchase Bitcoin using Cash App, you name it. 

Who is Joe Rogan?

Born in 1967, Joe Rogan is an American who one would say is a jack of all trades. In addition to being a host on TV as well as an actor on a number of TV shows and movies, Joe Rogan is also a comedian (a career he started way back in the Boston area in 1988), a commentator for mixed martial arts (he started this in 1997 until 2006) and a podcast host, which he started in 2009 till present.

It is in his podcast which is rightfully called Joe Rogan Experience that he usually talks about Cash App. Worth noting about the Joe Rogan Experience podcast is that it is exclusively on Spotify and Joe originally launched it back on 24th December 2009. Joe co-produces and co-hosts the podcast with another comedian Brian Redban.


Equally important to note is the fact that he receives lots of listeners for his podcast. In fact, back in January 2015, his Joe Rogan Experience podcast was listened to by over 11 million people. As of this month, the podcast has 1,591 numbers of episodes.   

Is Joe Rogan Sponsored By Cash App?

Whether listeners like it or not, chances are they’ll hear about Cash App if they are to listen to any of Joe Rogan Experience. This includes making investments with Cash App to just opening an account or even its features. It is with this that many people wonder, is Joe Rogan sponsored by Cash App? Yes, Joe Rogan is indeed sponsored by Cash App. Or better yet, the Joe Rogan Experience is sponsored by the company itself.

If you’ve been very keen on Cash App especially on Square Inc.’s CEO Jack Dorseywho also happens to be the CEO of Twitter, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cash App has recently been aggressively reaching out to influencers online to help promote or market certain services and features. One such feature or service is the ability of users to purchase or sell Bitcoins using Cash App.


While there were some that raised this question earlier, it received lots of attention when Joe interviewed Jack Dorsey on one of his episodes, many were quick to note and point out the fact that Joe was too easy on Jack. One of the reasons why Joe was too easy was because the show was being sponsored by Cash App. In fact, Cash App has been sponsoring Joe’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, since at least February 2019.

If there were some lingering doubts on who Joe Rogan is or whether or not he is sponsored by Cash App, am sure those doubts are all settled by now. The key takeaway is the relationship between Joe Rogan and Cash App and the fact that the peer-to-peer payment app sponsors his podcast.    

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