Can You Create A Cash App New Account In 2023?

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You’re here to create your Cash App new account because one of these three unfortunate things happened to you:

  • Your Cash App account got banned
  • You lost access to your account
  • Someone hacked, stole your account, and changed your personal information

Now you must be wondering if you can create a Cash App new account. Well - it might be a problem and it really depends on what information was on your previous account.

The answer:

You can create a new Cash App account but you won’t get all of the features unless you provide more information about your identity. By using the same contact information such as your social security number or your credit card info, there’s a high probability that it won’t work. That means you’ll be limited to what you can do on that account such as withdrawals to your bank and other important stuff.

If you haven't created an account yet, then of course - you can create a new account! You can check out the complete Cash App guide that'll take you in-depth from beginning to end.


Now let’s go over what you should do in each scenario.

Your Cash App Account Got Banned

If your Cash App account got banned, that means they were suspecting that you were doing suspicious transactions in the mobile app.


While there are many other reasons as to why a person can get banned, you should definitely avoid the creation of a new Cash App account.

As the company grows and scams are increasing, Cash App has to do anything in their power to protect customers and the future of their business.

If you signed up previously using your social security number, email, and phone number - then you won’t be able to use it again on a new account.

I recommend that you should avoid creating a new account because when Cash App catches on (which they’re good at), you’re going to have a frustrating time.

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At this point, I highly suggest that you migrate to one of their competitors, which is Venmo.

Here's a comparison chart to help you distinguish the difference.

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You Lost Access To Your Cash App Account

cash app losing access to your account

If you lost access to your Cash App account by forgetting login information, you should try resetting your info any way you possibly can. In case you have no access, then you should move on to the next step which is calling Cash App Support.

You can also contact Cash App Support by private messaging them on Twitter. While I’m not 100% sure, communities of Cash App claim that their support on Twitter is much quicker and the experience is better for many clients.

Your Account Got Hacked And The Information Was Changed

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When you’re dealing with a situation where a hacker has access to your entire account, you should immediately reset your password and change every piece of information possible.

If you don’t have access to any of those such as the ability to reset because the hacker has taken over and changed everything, you should immediately call Cash App support (855-351-2274) or contact them on Twitter (@CashSupport) to achieve more expeditious results.

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You will have to explain your situation and go through several confirmations. 

Another tip of advice is that when a hacker has full access to your Cash App account, you should lock every bank that’s connected to your account to prevent the hacker from using it.

Can You Create A Cash App New Account?

can you create a new cash app account

After all, if you haven’t added your social security or other personal information - then you’re likely able to create a new account using all of the available features on Cash App.

However, if you lost your account due to breaking the terms and conditions, I would recommend moving on. If you lost access to your account due to forgetting your information, contact support to help you retrieve your account.

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With technologies and algorithms improving, it’s best to follow the terms and conditions to have the best user experience possible. Whether it’s Cash App or Venmo, you should always play by the rules.

You can avoid Cash App scamsand other rule-breaking things on the internet and prevent yourself from losing your account. After all - Cash App wasn’t meant to flip or send strangers money to generate wealth but rather people you know for real-life purposes.

If you truly want an ethical and legit way to make money from Cash App, then I highly suggest reading my Cash App money-making tutorial.

For more information on Cash App, see below.

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