Will Cash App Refund Money If Scammed Online?

One of the main fears many throughout the country have when it comes to using peer-to-peer online digital payment systems is being scammed and even worse losing all their money. This is also the case with Square Inc.’s P2P platform Cash App.

In fact, one might argue that the fear users have when it comes to Cash App is slightly higher given the fact that many are not sure whether or not they’ll be refunded their money in the event that they are scammed.


One of the many questions Cash App users have, especially those thinking about signing up for a Cash App account, is whether or not Cash App will refund their money if scammed. So will they? Well, simply put, no. Cash App does not refund its users if they are scammed.   

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Using Cash App

Cash App, for those who are still new to it, is basically an online platform that allows its users to send and receive money in a matter of minutes. It also makes it possible for its users to make payments to merchants online provided they too have Cash App accounts.


Using Cash App is very simple, users simply ought to download the app on their mobile device and if they happen to have an account simply sign in, if not, they can simply create an account by following the on-screen prompts on their mobile device or computer.

Cash App Scams

While there are a number of security measures put in place by Cash App to protect its users against activities like scams or fraud, a number of them end up falling victim to them.

In most cases sadly, Cash App users who get scammed end up losing part of or the entire amount of money in their Cash App account. It is with this that many Cash App users ask; will Cash App refund money if scammed?


Cash App as already pointed out does not offer refunds to its users in the event that they are scammed. This however doesn’t mean that they just leave their users in their time of need. They usually work with users in such cases and even go as far as helping them get their money back if possible.

Cash App & Refunds

While on the subject of Cash App and whether or not they refund Cash App users in the event they get scammed, it is good to go deep into Cash App and all things refund. Simply put, does Cash App offer its users a refund.

Worth noting with Cash App refunds straight from the get-go is that they do have a very strict refund policy. In fact, it is so strict that Cash App goes out of its way to enforce certain rules. Furthermore, they go out of their way to make sure that users understand that Cash App is not accountable for any transactions they make using their account.

That said there is only one type of refund Cash App offers its Cash App users and that’s the Cash App merchant refund. This refund policy only applies in the event that a Cash App user makes a faulty payment to a particular merchant. It is, however, entirely up to the merchant who received the faulty payment to refund a Cash App user their money – Cash App does not guarantee a return of money to their accounts.   


While Cash App doesn’t refund users' money if scammed, they offer much-needed help in such situations. As such, it is always advised that Cash App users get in-touch with Cash App support if they are scammed.

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