Cash App "Unable to sign in on this device." (Solutions!)

One of the many challenges Cash App users face when using or trying to use Cash App is having problems signing in. To be more exact, Cash App users usually get an “unable to sign in on this device” message every time they try to log in.

If you are among the many Cash App users facing this particular challenge, you’ll be happy to hear that there is an easy fix to this problem. In this post, we’ll be helping you with a solution. We'll show you how to sign in to your account if you're encountering this problem.


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Despite all the efforts put in place, there are some instances where Cash App users will have challenges signing in to their accounts. In particular, they’ll likely get a message that says “unable to sign in on this device." While this can be frustrating, you’ll be happy to hear that you can easily fix it and this is exactly what this post will show you.

Before looking at possible solutions to this problem, it's only best that we first look at why we are having such a problem in the first place.


Why You Are Receiving The Unable To Sign In On This Device Option

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There are a number of reasons why you are having trouble signing into your account, there are certain common causes that are worth pointing out. These causes are:

  • Leaving or keeping your Cash App account logged in at the same time on a number of multiple devices. This is actually very common with a number of users especially given the ability to log in at different sites.
  • Using an internet connection that is not secure is another reason why you might be receiving the “Unable to sign in on this device” message. In order to use Cash App, you need a very stable and secure internet connection.
  • Violating Cash App policies is another reason why Cash App users usually have trouble signing in to their account or simply put why they receive the message “unable to sign in on this device”.    

Possible Solutions To This Problem

Solutions To This Problem Cash App


Now that we are aware of some of the problems that are resulting in users being unable to sign in to their account, it is time to look at some of the possible solutions to this problem. That said the process of fixing this issue is very simple and you can do so in just a few simple steps. 

What are they:

  • Start by making sure that you are using a very stable and secure internet connection. As already pointed out, using Cash App requires a very strong, stable, and most importantly secure internet connection.     
  • Equally important is making sure that you follow Cash App rules. This is especially so when it comes to receiving, sending, and requesting money using the Cash App app.    
  • As a Cash App user, always see to it that you don’t send any spam or malware messages using your Cash App account. Equally important is making sure that you don’t send any objectionable links or links to other Cash App users. You are likely to have issues with Cash App and as a result, have trouble signing in.
  • See to it that you use a Cash App app that’s updated. Issues like signing-in in most cases usually come as a result of someone using an outdated app. Updating your Cash App account is very simple, just open the app on your phone and select settings then search for update, and click on update.
  • Another reason why you are having this problem is using Cash App outside the US or the UK. Worth noting with this particular app is that it only works in the US or UK so if you are trying to use it and you are not located in one of these two countries, chances are it will not work.