Cash App Verification In Progress: What Does It Mean?

Cash App is a peer-to-peer online money digital platformthat makes it possible for users to send and receive money using their mobile phones. To use Cash App services, users ought to create Cash App accounts. The process of creating a Cash App account is very simple; in fact, it should only take a maximum of 5 minutes. Even better, users don’t have to disclose their personal information when creating an account making the process even more simple, easy, and fast to complete.

To fully enjoy the services that Cash App offers, however, Cash App users are required to verify their accounts. The process of verifying an account is usually very fast however it all depends on the information submitted by a Cash App user to Cash App.


Cash App users who are receiving the “Cash App Verification In Progress” message shouldn’t be alarmed as this is common. In fact, the Cash App verification process can take up to three business days. Here is what you need to know.

The Importance of Cash App Verification

Before looking at why some Cash App users get or receive the “Cash App Verification In Progress” message, we must understand why Cash App users should verify their accounts in the first place. Verifying a Cash App account is very important given the fact that it allows users to fully take advantage of Cash App and the services it offers.

Cash App users who have accounts that are not verified are usually limited when it comes to how they can use Cash App. For instance, a user who hasn’t verified their account has a weekly sending limit of $250. In other words, they can only use their accounts to send up to $250 per week or for every 7 days.


The said Cash App users also have a monthly receiving limit of $1,000, meaning they can only receive up to $1,000 for every 30 days. Furthermore, they’ll not be able to sign up for Cash App’s Cash Card which basically makes it possible for users to access money in their Cash App account from anywhere including offline shops or premises that accept Visa.

Getting Verified On Cash App

The process of verifying a Cash App account is very simple. Cash App needs its users to share with them their full names as is on their ID, date of birth, mailing address as well as the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number (SNN). Once in their possession, Cash App will go through them and get back accordingly.  

Time It Takes To Get Verified

The process of verifying a Cash App account doesn’t take that long. In fact, Cash App users can be done and dusted with the process after only 48 hours. However, there are some instances where the verification period has lasted for more than 48 hours. To be exact, certain Cash App verification processes take up to 3 days and this is why some Cash App users start receiving the “Cash App Verification In Progress Message”. Regardless, Cash App users should expect to have their accounts verified within a period of three days.



Cash App users need to verify their accounts. This process is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of effort from Cash App users. Simply share with Cash App the requested and they’ll be able to verify your account. The verification process in some instances might delay causing some to receive a “Cash App Verification In Progress” but it will eventually go through. It is advised to give Cash App around 3 working days.