Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download

I always want to keep track of or monitor my progress every time I run or bike. Thus, I looked for an app to help me with this situation. Luckily, I discovered the Caynax Tracker app through a friend.

My friend has been using the app for quite some time and recommended it because it is an ideal companion for running and cycling. The app automatically tracks the distance, speed, burned calories, steps, and more.


Learn more about the Caynax Tracker app below and discover what it records and how it can help you track activities. 

  • Getting to Know Caynax Tracker
  • Accepting Caynax Tracker’s EULA
  • Starting with the Caynax Tracker App
  • Tracking My Physical Activities on the Activity Tab
  • Checking My Workout History
  • Adding Places and Schedule on Caynax Tracker

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download

Getting to Know Caynax Tracker 

Caynax Tracker can be used in different fitness activities like running, cycling, walking, and even rollerskating. Caynax Tracker is always there to provide comprehensive reports about the physical activities that I do. 

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download
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Caynax launched the Caynax Tracker app in January 2016 to help individuals monitor their progress with their fitness and wellness journey. 

Caynax is committed to continuously improving the app. They constantly update and upgrade the Caynax Tracker app’s features. The app attracted over a million downloads and thousands of monthly active users with this dedication. 

Downloading Caynax Tracker App

When my friend introduced Caynax Tracker’s features, I immediately knew I would like the app because of its convenience and usefulness. I also instantly installed the Caynax Tracker app from the Google Play Store


The app is free to be installed on Android devices only. Moreover, Caynax Tracker supports Android OS 4.4 and later only, so the app will not run on the older versions of Android OS. Lastly, the app supports over 30 languages.

Accepting Caynax Tracker’s EULA

Once I installed the Caynax Tracker app, it provided its End-USer License Agreement or EULA. It discusses the terms and conditions of the license agreements so that users are fully aware of the terms. 

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download
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Caynax Tracker made it clear from the beginning that the app is ad-supported, which means there will be application displays of banner ads and fullscreen ads. Unfortunately, Caynax said that users are not allowed to block them, which I know will affect my user experience. 

Lastly, the app explained its Privacy Policy since users will be providing personal information to the app. It assured me that no personal information would be shared with any third-party services, and they would do their best to protect my privacy while using the Caynax Tracker app.

Understanding Caynax Tracker’s Warning

After accepting the EULA of Caynax Tracker, it has one last warning before I can start to enjoy its features. I should not rely on the Caynax Tracker app as a personal trainer even though it contains sports and fitness activities. 

The app emphasizes the need to consider my physical condition and know what may be hazardous to my health. Some activities are not suitable for kids or pregnant women on the app. 

Caynax advises that I consult my doctor first before attempting those activities as they do not take any responsibility for how I perform the activities. They made it clear that they are not liable for any damage or affects these activities may cause.

Starting with the Caynax Tracker App

Upon reading and accepting the EULA and warning, I can now finally enjoy the app’s features. First, it asked me to accept the Google Drive integration feature, which covers automatic data backup. 

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download
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In addition, data is linked to my Google account. This means that my account and data will not disappear when I switch to a different device or remove the app. Lastly, the Google Drive integration allows synchronization between different devices.

Then, Caynax Tracker asked me to choose the Google account to connect to the app. The said Google account will be my main sign-up credentials on Caynax Tracker. Note that there is no need to verify the account—I just clicked the “Accept & Allow” button.

Completing My User Profile Data

I also provided my User Profile data after the previous steps. I chose my preferred Measure Units—Metric (km, kg) or Imperial (mi, lb). 

The app asked me to indicate my sex, birth date, weight, and height. After providing this information, I clicked ‘Accept’ at the upper right corner of the screen. It also asked me to allow Caynax Sports Tracker to access my device’s location.

I chose “Allow only while using the app.” The other options are “Allow all the time” or “Deny.” It will be vital to allow the app to access the device my location because Caynax Tracker will record the distance of my activities.

Tracking My Physical Activities on the Activity Tab

Before starting the tracker, I chose my preferred map, whether it is Google Maps or Open Street Map. After tapping my choice, the map spread on my screen so that I could be guided accordingly as I run, bike, or even rollerskate. 

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download

When I click the play button at the bottom center of the screen, I give the app ‘Physical Activity” permission to count the steps I am taking. I tapped the “Change Access” button to activate this. This means that the app will automatically record my activity. 

I can monitor my speed, distance, and duration on the counter above the Map once I tap the “play” button. I liked how the app shows my real-time speed in terms of km/h, so I know much distance I can cover in a period. 

If I pause or take a break, it will be properly reflected in the duration section. In addition, I can use the dark view in the evening or during strong sun exposure see the screen better, and check my speed, distance, and duration. 

Indicating My Physical Activities and Workout

Below the map are the lock, play, and settings buttons. The “lock” button locks the settings and map, so I can not accidentally change the view of the map. This can be used for safety purposes as well. 

The “settings” button lets me choose several options so that the app will know my intended physical activity. First, I have to indicate the activity type: cycling, hiking, horse riding, motorbiking, rollerskating, rowing, running, skating, swimming, walking, or other. 

Moreover, I have to specify the workout type, whether it is a basic workout or a workout goal. It is also possible to set the auto-pause for a time interval. Lastly, I can provide the route that I wish to follow.

Checking My Workout History

One thing I liked about the Caynax Tracker app is that it records all my workout history. This means that the app provides not only data of the current physical activity but also the past ones. 

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download
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Caynax Tracker displays the total duration and total distance I covered over time. I just have to indicate or set the date range, and the app will automatically show or display the data. 

I can also sort the workout history according to the activity type. So, I can check the data for a specific activity. For example, I can just ask the app to display the information about my runs in the past month. 

Monitoring My Statistics

By checking my past physical activities as recorded by the app, I can check the average time I spent doing different physical activities and my average distance and speed. 

The app also computes the calories that I burned in total or per finished activity session. The Caynax Tracker bases my calories burned on the type of activity and my speed, duration, and distance performance.

The data can be arranged daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Adding Places and Schedule on Caynax Tracker

It is not only my records on my distance, speed, and duration that Caynax Tracker saves. The app can also be my photo safe and calendar with the Places and Schedule features. 

Caynax Tracker App - See How to Download
Image Source: Google Play Store

The Places feature lets me take photos during activities. The app recommends that I spend some time or take a break from time to time to appreciate my surroundings. 

It expects me to record the places I go to or visit through photographs. Thus, the Caynax Tracker app has a folder where I can save and access the photos I take while doing my physical activities in different places.

The Caynax Tracker app also serves as a personal planner to add a reminder to my schedule. By tapping the “plus” icon on the Schedule tab, I can note when I plan to work out. I can also add the details like the activity type, workout type, and start-end date and time.

Purchasing In-app Items on Caynax Tracker

The Caynax Tracker app is free to download, though there are available in-app items for purchase. Each item will help the users have a better experience on the app. 

The price for extra features ranges from $0.99 to $12 per item. The payment can be made through a Google Play Store account. 


The Caynax Tracker app is a great companion for tracking physical activities. It automatically records my speed, duration, and distance. It supports different physical activities and all data can be accessed through the Statistics tab.