13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts

Since its launch in 2012, Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps. Many have fallen victim to the appeal of Tinder, which makes the online dating experience on the app more exciting because of the millions of users.

As a user, there are some things that are fascinating to know about Tinder. So, let us learn about these interesting facts and stats about Tinder below.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Tinder Is Everywhere

As my friends would say, I will not have a shortage of options for potential matches on Tinder because of the number of active users. Moreover, I can match and meet people across the world as Tinder is available in 196 countries. 

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Everyone can have access to this dating app wherever they are because of the reach of Tinder. Moreover, the app has 40 available languages so that more users can have a great experience on Tinder. 

I am amazed at the number of countries that Tinder is available in because it has more options for the Passport feature for premium users. Moreover, Tinder can be downloaded on the biggest platforms like Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free for more reach and accessibility.


Increased Number Of Active Users

Given that Tinder is available in almost all countries, it is not surprising to me the number of app users. In the recent report of Reuters Match Group, there is an estimate of 66 million users of Tinder. Note that these 66 million users are the ones active on the app. 

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Almost three years after, the number of active Tinder users grew drastically from an estimate of over 50 million active users, as noted by BBC. Reports indicate that the increase of active users became so apparent on social media, which I think possibly caught the interest of others.

Moreover, the global health crisis experienced when the increase happened can be attributed as a huge factor. Tinder also received significant changes in demographics, active users, usage behavior, and many more.


More Men Than Women

One of the fascinating facts I have read about Tinder is the men to women ratio of users. The app recorded that men dominated the app; over three times more men used the app. In 2019, Tinder reported that men users are 78.1%, and 21.9% of users are women.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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This trend of the amount of men users is also common in other online dating apps. There is no conclusive explanation yet on why it is like that. I can say that based on experience, it is indeed true.

I think this ratio affects the number of swipes that one receives. According to reports, women receive more swipes from potential matches than men.

Daily Billion Swipes

Tinder is known to use the feature of swiping a user’s photo to indicate whether I am interested or not. Swiping left means the person does not pass my preferences or standards based on the profile. Meanwhile, swiping right means I am interested in the person.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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If swiped to the right, most likely, my profile will appear on the stacks of the person I am interested in. The match will only happen if the person also swiped right my profile, and that is when we can start sending messages to each other via Tinder. 

Tinder recorded an estimate of 1.6 billion swipes daily with this constant swiping left and right of users. This is not a surprising number, given the number of active users.

Another Billion Record

I know that the chances to match with other uses are not that high, or sometimes the chances are inconsistent. However, one thing is for sure, and Tinder already helped users to find potential partners through the matching system.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Years after the release of Tinder, the app has over 20 billion matches recorded. Again, I am not surprised by the number of active users and the number of daily swipes. The 20 billion matches continue to grow as the app seems to be increasing in popularity as well.

The number of matches can be attributed to the fact that Tinder does not limit the number of matches for a user. So, I can have hundreds of matches on Tinder.

Women Swipe Less

Another interesting piece of information I discovered about Tinder is the number of swipes that men and women make. Given that there are over one billion swipes daily, it includes both those swipes left and right. So, swiping does not guarantee that the user likes another one.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Based on the New York Times report, men are relatively easily attracted to other profiles as they swipe right about 46% of their time on Tinder. Meanwhile, women swipe right much lesser compared to men with just only 14%.

I think that women look for specific qualities, characteristics, traits, and personalities of men; that is why they swipe right less on Tinder.

Tinder’s Millions Of Subscribers

Tinder offers premium subscriptions for a better experience in online dating. The premium usually allows users to have unlimited swipes a day, a profile boost, an advertisement-free experience, and the Passport feature to explore more people from other countries.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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The cost of the premium starts at $19.99 for Tinder Premium and $29.99 for Tinder Gold. Even though it is somehow costly, users still subscribe, including me. 

As of recent reports, Tinder has an estimate of 6.6 million registered subscribers. This number makes the app the highest-grossing non-gaming app in recent years.

Inclusive App

It is common to find online dating apps that cater only to a specific group of individuals in terms of sexual orientation or gender identity. Tinder considers itself an inclusive app that aims to help users find their match regardless of their sex or gender.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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In 2019, Tinder introduced the option to indicate in our profile our sexual orientation and gender identity. This helps the app to find better potential matches based on this information. Moreover, I can add my preferences on whom I should be matched with on the app.

Hobbies And Interests Have Magic

As someone who has been on the app for years already, I can say that I have set the criteria for my preferences for swiping the right profiles. Contrary to popular belief that online dating apps are for flaunting only your conventionally attractive physique, users look for more than that.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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One of the things that I usually look for is the personality and characteristics of the users. I do that by scouring through their profile to find their interest and hobbies, which will help me decide if we have the same interest to create the spark.

According to a survey, most users indicated their work, travel, music taste, dog, etc., in their Tinder interest. As mentioned, this will help you find those who are also interested in them. So, choose wisely.

Looks Still Somehow Matter For Men

Even though personal interests do their magic in the app, some users still look at the physical attributes of others before deciding to swipe right. This is true primarily for men, as presented in a survey wherein 33.5% of men think that the photo is a great factor for their interest. 

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Thus, it is still advisable to showcase your best self on the featured photos uploaded on Tinder. I think it is still possible to show one’s personality on the app through the images by providing various images like travels, interests, etc. 

Women Look For Description

Unlike the men’s preferences on why they decide to swipe right, women look for the self-description or the bio indicated in the user’s profile. 30% of women mentioned that they are looking for common interest before swiping right.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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They only value the photos after reading the bio. So, it is important to have an exciting self-description to attract more users. If possible, try to summarize all your interests, experiences, beliefs, and values.

The reason for including all those on the self-description is that when the users match, the first thing they will talk about is what’s written on the bio.

Gen Z, Millennials Dominate Tinder

It is no brainer that online dating apps are targeted towards the younger generation. I see the appeal of online dating apps like Tinder because of the use of technology in the new dating and romance landscape. Personally, it has become more enjoyable knowing that my age group dominates the app.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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Based on recent reports, the age group of 25-34 occupies almost half of Tinder’s total number of active users. This is followed by 18-24 years old that holds 38% of the total number. 35-44 years old is 13%, 45-54 years old is 3%, and 55 above is only 1%.

Tinder For Confidence Boost

It is indeed true that Tinder helps users build their confidence with the intrinsic validation they receive. It feels like the more matches I have, the more attractive I am. Thus, most users said they are on Tinder to improve themselves in different aspects, especially their confidence.

13 Crazy Tinder Stats And Facts
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In a survey conducted about why users are on Tinder, almost half of the respondents answered that they do it for confidence-boosting procrastination. Even though it is far different from the app’s aim, it is fascinating because it helps their self-esteem.

The other reason why they are on Tinder is for a hookup, which is 22% of the users’ response. Only 5% of the respondents are looking for a serious or romantic relationship.


Tinder has been available on the market since 2012 and has grown to be one of the world’s widely used online dating apps. It is not surprising to find out these interesting facts and statistics about Tinder. You can check Tinder out to experience some of these interesting facts yourself!