CryptoTab App - See How To Download

As an avid fan of cryptocurrency, I had always been on the lookout for mobile apps which allow me to mine, gain, sell, and withdraw my assets without the hassle of going through different platforms and apps. 

Luckily, I came across CryptoTab Pro, developed by Crypto Company OU, which develops a wide range of cryptocurrency mining and managing apps. This app has been one of my staples and go-to mining apps since its launch in 2020. 


Read on and discover how to use this app and the great features I love, which make it stand out from other apps in the market. 

  • CryptoTab Pro: A Browser With Pro Features
  • Key Features Of The App
  • Advantages Of Using The CryptoTab Pro App
  • Mining With CryptoTab Pro
  • Points For Improvement
CryptoTab App - See How To Download
Image Source: CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Pro: A Browser With Pro Features

CryptoTab Pro is a special version of the CryptoTab Browser, which I have been using for several months now.

CryptoTab App - See How To Download
Image Source: CryptoTab Browser

I had always been hoping that the developers of the site would launch an app to make it easier to monitor my activity and investments - and my hopes were finally answered with the launch of the CryptoTab Browser Pro Level


But before we delve into the key features of the app, I’ll be sharing what the CryptoTab Pro app is and what it is used for. The CryptoTab Pro is a web browser that enables me to mine for a cryptocurrency called Bitcoins. Bitcoin enthusiasts like me use special browsers such as CryptoTab to monitor my account and investments while surfing the web. 

Thus, the app has replaced the native browser of my phone. It is important for those involved in the cryptocurrency business to use special browsers if they want to continue and increase the speed of mining for cryptocurrencies because these will not work with a regular browser. 

Downloading The App

Launched in February 2020, the app is downloadable on Google Play Store and costs $2.49 to purchase. It has over 500,000 downloads and a 4.2-star rating on the platform. 


While there is a Lite version of the app, I prefer using the Pro version because it has so many better features that make my cryptocurrency mining experience more efficient and better. 

Key Features Of The App

Key features which I love about the app include super-fast and uninterrupted Internet surfing and advanced browsing features. I love how I am able to monitor my hash rate and still be able to use my gadget. I can also control my Cloud Boosts and add as many remote devices as I want to check the BTC balance rising. 

CryptoTab App - See How To Download
Image Source: CryptoTab Browser

Moreover, I love how the balance is updated every 10 minutes. I have immediate access to my funds, so I can immediately withdraw my funds when needed. There is also no restriction on the number of times I can withdraw my funds on any given day. The app also does not charge commissions on my withdrawals.  

Other benefits include having no ads, as well as a cloud boost for multiplied speed mining. Crediting BTC does not drain the battery, which is a great feature because Bitcoin investments take up a lot of battery power. 

I also have separate profiles for multiple users and an unlimited number of connected remote devices. To top it all, I have access to unlimited funds withdrawal. The Pro version of the app also has access to dedicated customer service support and an adaptive newsfeed. 

Security And Privacy

I also do not have to worry about my privacy and personal information because the app provides a secure profile when I am using public Wi-Fi to protect my data and credentials and prevent hackers from messing with my profile. 

Advantages Of Using The CryptoTab Pro App

While the browser was already a great and useful application for me, I found that using the mobile browsing app was much better because it allowed me to be on top of my Bitcoin investments with my mobile phone. 

CryptoTab App - See How To Download
Image Source: CryptoTab Browser

The app boasts its enhanced mining algorithm that is optimized for mobile devices, using power efficiently and being able to speed up the algorithm by up to 10 times with the Cloud Boost feature. 

Moreover, I found the app to be an adequate day-to-day browser. There’s nothing more that I can ask for because I can surf the web and mine Bitcoins on my phone. As stated before, the app also keeps my data and information secure from hackers, especially when connected to a public network. 

The cryptocurrency I was able to mine can be withdrawn at any time for no fee at all, and the absolute minimum required to transfer is just 0.00001 BTC. I can also easily track my transaction with the payment journal found in my personal cabinet so that I have a record of my withdrawals. 

Sync Easily Across All Gadgets 

The app is also designed to be used on multiple gadgets I own so that I can mine faster. What I like the most about the app is its dashboard which allows me to control the mining process that takes place in each of the devices I own. 

Aside from that, the app also has standard browser synchronization features, so I do not have to worry about my data, browsing history, and other things. I can easily pick up from where I left off and switch between devices.

Mining With CryptoTab Pro

With the CryptoTab Pro, I was getting 1500 H/s, and I only had to check every three hours, compared to the free version of the app where I only had a maximum of 300 H/s and had to check in with the app every two hours. Moreover, there are no disruptive and annoying ads on the Pro version. 

CryptoTab App - See How To Download
Image Source: CryptoTab Browser

Among the options for the Cloud Boost speeds are x2, x5, x10, and x15. Several boosts can be used within the same account, which is a feature I maximize because I mine much faster without draining my phone’s power or battery too much.  

In addition to the Cloud Boost feature, the app also offers the Super Boost extension. For me, the Super Boost is better than Cloud Boost because I can earn more in a much shorter amount of time. 

The Super Boost feature is only available to Pro users. I can activate multiple Super Boost plans and get a boost multiplier of up to 10 times across all of my mobile devices which have activated the Cloud Boost. 

How The Super Boost Works

For example, if my device speed is 100 H/s and I have a Cloud Boost of x10, my speed will now be 1,000 H/s. With two additional Super Boosts at 80% and 60%, my total mining speed will be 2,400 H/s. 

That’s ultimately faster and will therefore get me better results and higher values!

Points For Improvement

While the app is a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency mining, there is still some room for improvement, which developers can take note of to elevate the experience of its community with over 20 million users. 

CryptoTab App - See How To Download
Image Source: CryptoTab Browser

My first point would be to extend the mining period from three hours to at least 12 or even 24 hours. Since the app requires me to re-enable mining every 3 hours, I find that I lose opportunities to earn when I am asleep or idle. This is an observation that resonates across the entire community. 

I’d also like to see an expanded option that is not just limited to BTC since sometimes, there are times when BTC prices are not competitive and profitable. I pay for multipliers and boosters, but I feel that there are days when I lose more. 

I am also forced to stay on my Android phone and use it as my daily driver since the app is not yet optimized for iOS devices. I want to request that the app be also made available to iOS devices too! 

Restarting The App 

Whenever I run into problems such as the app is becoming unresponsive, or a message pops up saying “CryptoTab isn’t available right now” (which happens a lot of times!), I end up restarting the app and logging in all over again. 

It would be great if the developers can improve on app crashes and bugs, so the experience is better for users.


The CryptoTab App is truly a revolutionary and innovative app that uses technology to help people earn money right from their mobile phones. Truly one of a kind, the app includes features that make mining Bitcoins easier and much more accessible to the general public. 

I am excited to see the future developments and improvements for this app because it has promising potential. I enjoy using this app, and this has helped me manage my investments and encouraged me to continue my interest in cryptocurrency.