Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions

Every time I have to get prescription medicine I’m shocked by the prices. It seems as if the prices are constantly rising. Whether it’s for a one-time prescription or an ongoing condition, the cost is high, even for me as an insured patient. 

To try and find a solution I’ve searched online to see whether I can find a way to cut the cost of my prescribed medication. I’ve found a free app and since I’ve been using the GoodRx app I’ve consistently saved up to 80% on prescriptions. 


If you are also looking for a way to cut your medical costs, read on.  

  • Why Medical Discounts Are Important
  • Pros of GoodRx
  • Other GoodRx Features and Facts
  • How to Get Started
  • Discount Cards
  • GoodRx Telemedicine
  • Privacy Considerations
Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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Why Medical Discounts Are Important

My employer, like so many others, is moving to cost-sharing health plans. One of the cons of these types of health plans is that we as the employees are facing higher expenses when filling prescriptions at pharmacies. 

Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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The average amount I pay for a brand-name drug is $44. This is in line with research by the health information company, IMS. Up to now, I’ve been lucky not to be affected by the pandemic and am still employed, but many others have lost their jobs


Unfortunately, people still need medication for their ongoing medical needs whether they are employed or not. If I am suffering to make ends meet with medical costs, I can imagine how unemployed individuals have to find cheaper ways to buy medication.

It is estimated that one in five prescriptions in the United States goes unfilled. This is mainly due to financial hardship. Some research suggests that patients with copay discounts or coupons are more likely to stay on their medication than those without a discount or coupon system.

GoodRx Discounts And Coupons

According to recent research, the average American spends roughly $1,200 annually only on prescription medicine. This is more than the average spending on medication in other countries. It is largely because of higher prices in the U.S.


What I didn’t know before my research is that pharmacy pricing varies widely. I’ve discovered that if I have the ability and time to compare prices at different pharmacies, I can save a lot of money. 

GoodRx is a free app that enables me to do this comparison without wasting time. This app helps me to reduce the cost of my prescriptions by as much as 80% by simply using their huge pharmacy database and coupon system. I can even use it for some of my pet’s prescriptions.

Pros of GoodRx

By comparing the prices of my prescribed medication at the pharmacies in their database, GoodRx finds the pharmacy with the lowest price for the specific medication. 

Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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Sometimes I save up to 80% on a prescription. In addition, the app then offers me further discounts and coupons to get the medicine cheaper. 

The app is free to use, although I’ll discuss their paid membership option later in this article. I’m using the free option and I’m very satisfied with the results.

Cons of GoodRx

Like most other apps there are a few cons. I’ve found a few but you will see they are outweighed by the pros.

I’ve found that sometimes information on GoodRx is out of date, but in about a year it only has happened twice. GoodRx doesn’t work with insurance, so my payments do not count towards my deductibles.

I always need a doctor’s prescription to use their discounts and coupons for over-the-counter medications, and their method of displaying discounted prices in the app makes it sometimes hard to compare prices between pharmacies.

Other GoodRx Features and Facts 

The more than 70,000 pharmacies and outlets in the GoodRx system include chain groups like Walmart Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Target Pharmacy, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Kroger Pharmacy, Vons Pharmacy, Safeway Pharmacy, HEB Grocery, and many more!

Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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The app allows me to set prescription reminders so that I never miss a refill. 

For my convenience, I’ve also created my own prescription list to help me managing my medication

The app also tracks prescription prices and I receive savings alerts and notifications on a regular basis. 

Downloading GoodRx

The app is available on iOS and Android, as well as for PCs. The app is ranked #1 among medical apps on the App Store.

I downloaded the app on my Android mobile phone directly from the Google Play Store by tapping on the Play Store icon on my phone. I searched for ‘GoodRx’ and from its app store page, I clicked ‘Install’ to initiate the download.

How to Get Started

When I have received my prescription from my doctor I enter the medication and my location (zip code) into the app. GoodRx then finds the best drug prices and presents me with a list of discounted options. The options are based on my location.

Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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Many of the prices given relate to the use of coupons or discounts. These discounts and coupons are available for free at the click of a button.

GoodRx has a database of more than 70,000 pharmacies across the U.S. and the coupons and discounts are agreed upon with the pharmacies. 

It hasn’t happened to me, but I’ve read that some pharmacies don’t want to honor the coupons, but then the customer service of GoodRx can be phoned to resolve the problem.

Medication Price Comparison

Although coupons can give me a better discount than without a coupon, the main service provided by GoodRx is not the issuing of coupons, but the providing of their price comparisons.

I receive a list with prices for my prescription as compared between nearby pharmacies. I even receive mail-order options. As prices for some drugs can vary up to tenfold between suppliers, this price comparison is to my mind the most important feature of the app.

GoodRx also allows me to get common pet medication at discount prices. This helps me find the cheapest source for my pet’s drugs. 

Discount Cards

After I’ve created my GoodRx account I’ve received a free discount card from GoodRx. This card lets me enjoy discounts at pharmacies without the hassle of pre-checking for each drug and I don’t have to download any coupons. 

Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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Sometimes when I have multiple prescriptions and want to get my medication quickly, I use this card to get my discount. 

However, the discount the card provides is not always as good as what I probably could have received with coupons. Therefore I only use the card when in a hurry.

GoodRx Gold membership

The GoodRx app also offers a GoodRx Gold option. This is a membership plan with even greater discounts at specific partner pharmacies. The individual membership costs $5.99 per month, and for a family of up to six individuals the monthly fee is $9.99. These “individuals” can include people or pets.

If I opt for the GoodRx Gold option I will be billed monthly. I can, however, cancel my membership at any time. The GoodRx Gold option can save me up to 90% compared to regular prices and 40% compared to the free version of GoodRx.

I’ve checked and worked out that with my medication and the small number of pharmacies accepting the Gold membership in my area, it is better to stay on the free GoodRx version. But it is for everyone to decide according to their own circumstances. 

GoodRx Telemedicine 

Since 2020 GoodRx services have included a comparison of telemedicine, for doctor consultations and lab tests. 

Discover How to Use the GoodRx App for Prescriptions
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GoodRx compares 26 telehealth services. This means that I can receive coupons for HeyDoctor and other GoodRx partner companies.

When I need medication but don’t have a doctor’s prescription, GoodRx connects me with a doctor via their telehealth service. I select my health condition and locality and GoodRx shows me a list of telemedicine providers, listed in price order.  

Some of these telemedicine providers also accept cards or coupons. 

GoodRx Lab Marketplace

I’ve found that I also save money on lab tests through GoodRx. GoodRx compares 18 common sets of lab tests. These tests include thyroid function, allergy panels, and pandemic-related tests. 

The app shows me available services in order of cost. It also provides me with information on whether the test is an at-home test or has to be performed in a clinic or hospital. 

When there are various tests available the app explains to me the differences between the tests in easy-to-understand terms. This feature ensures that I don’t spend money on unnecessary tests or duplicate some tests.


Overall, I can recommend the GoodRx app as it has helped me to save money on prescriptions and other medical services. I can see why GoodRx is rated so highly on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. There is a multitude of happy customers, and it is free and user-friendly

Get the GoodRx: Prescription Drugs Discounts & Coupons app now and start saving money!