Does Cash App Work In Jamaica? (5 Best Alternatives)

Does Cash App work in Jamaica? Cash App is used to send money only within the country in countries like the United States and the UK. Their services are not available in Jamaica or, for that matter, any other country barring these two. This also means that if you stay in the US and have to make payments to someone staying in Jamaica, you can’t do that with Cash App.

does cash app work in jamaica


Jamaica is a country where most of the transaction is still done through cash. The government has adopted mobile money and has also started rewarding the consumers and merchants who have started making payments digitally.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, even Jamaica has been forced to become more digitized. However, it will take a while in Jamaica before a stripe payment gateway such as PayPal or Cash App comes into play. The direct peer-to-peer payment as of now is dependent on PayPal for international payments.

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Digital Transactions in Jamaica

digital transactions in jamaica

The government of Jamaica recently invited bids for providing a mobile money platform in the country. The program is named PATH (Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education) has been launched recently.

This move is made to create an ecosystem for a mobile money payment in Jamaica. The countries like the United States and the UK, where Cash App is used by most of the population, have urged other nations to create such apps.


Sadly that Cash App currently doesn’t provide its services in Jamaica due to the need for such apps. Maybe once the momentum is created, companies like Cash App will try to try their hands in a country that attracts over a million tourists every year.

Mobile Money Apps Available In Jamaica

Cash App Alternatives Jamaica

There are not many players as of now in this beautiful Caribbean island. Some of the companies that provide digital payment services include National Commercial Bankwith Quisk, GraceKennedy with GK MPay, and Sagicor with MyCash, among a few others.

Though both merchants and consumers have been hesitant since the incentives have come into play, many new users have been added.

Advantages of Payment Apps

Payment Apps

Apps such as Cash App or any other payment apps make it convenient to send or receive money at a go. All you need is an email address or phone number. Jamaica is near the United States and will slowly but surely sneak in.

Payment Apps such as Cash App have proved how convenient it has become to send and receive money, and in one go, you can do the transaction without any hustle. However, Cash App supports payment only within the country, and there are some apps such as PayPal, which support payment from any part of the world.

The Cash App, though, provides a debit card to withdraw cash as well, and that is where it scores heavily over its peers. Having said that be it Cash App, Paypal, or any other payment app, they have revolutionized the payment system.

Cash App in Jamaica Alternatives

Cash App in Jamaica Alternatives

  • Quisk
  • MyCash
  • Amber Pay
  • ePay
  • PayPal in Jamaica

1. Quisk

Quisk Pay

Quisk is a Jamaican e-wallet designed for the modern world to empower Jamaicans, banks, and financial institutions to thrive in a digital economy. With Quisk, Jamaicans can be on the move without necessarily carrying physical money or wallets. With this payment app, Jamaicans can make bill payments and transfer funds by simply using their phones.

They can as well use this mobile payment app to make a balance inquiry of their account. In terms of use, Quisk is becoming more widely used in Jamaica as more and more people embrace technology and do away with the fear that it is digital or cybercrime.

This mobile payment app has an easy-to-use interface and is compatible with several banks in Jamaica. Even better, there is a Quisk app version built for both Android and iOS-based devices. Security-wise, when making a payment using Quisk, users go through a two-step security authorization process for the payment to be processed.

Quisk Details

2. MyCash


Developed for Sagicor Bank, MyCash is a reloadable prepaid card that allows Jamaicans to make bill payments digitally regardless of where they are in the country. Jamaicans can use MyCash to make a balance inquiry (that’s if they have a Sagicor Bank account), make fund transfers and top-ups. To use MyCash, you’ll first need to download the app. It is available to both iOS and Android users.  

MyCash Fee Schedule

One of the many positives associated with MyCash is its ease of use. MyCash comes with or has a very user-friendly interface that uses MyCash to make bill payments, transfer funds, make top-ups, or perform any transaction very easily.

MyCash Details

3. Amber Pay

Amber Pay

This mobile payment app is a partnership between Amber Group Limited and National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCBJ). With Amber Pay, merchants in Jamaica will be able to process payments they receive via smartphones or tablets, thus eliminating the need to walk around carrying cash or a physical wallet.

One of the many benefits of using Amber Pay as a payment app is that it can be fully integrated with NCB’s portable POS machines. This makes it possible to accept payments on the go. Also, it is easy to register, and it houses most major debit and credit cards.

Amber Pay Details

  • Website: Amber Pay
  • Location: Suite B11, Pinnacle Pointe, 53 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Email: [email protected]

4. ePay


ePay is a product of Alliance Payment Services Limited (APSL). ePay is a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to make bill payments, funds transfer, top-ups, and make balance inquiries. In terms of popularity, ePay is very popular in Jamaica compared to MyCash and Quisk.

It is straightforward to set up, and its app is compatible with smart devices that run on either Android or iOS operating systems. ePay is firmly entrenched in the electronic retail payment space, and as a result, users can use it to make payments to many companies and merchants across Jamaica.

Like many finance-based apps, ePay utilizes tokenization to protect its user’s security. ePay users are not required to provide or go through additional security measures such as providing PIN when using the app to make payment transactions.

ePay Details

  • Website: ePay

5. PayPal in Jamaica


Jamaicans with PayPal accounts can download the official PayPal app and make payments to many businesses and merchants online and in-store. Jamaican businesses have gladly embraced PayPal, and as a result, a number of them accept it as a payment option.

Jamaicans with the PayPal payment app can use it to send and receive money and not just in Jamaica but also worldwide, so long as the party they are in business with or contact with has a PayPal account, and they know their email address.

PayPal in Jamaica Details

Conclusion For "Does Cash App Work in Jamaica"

Island countries like Jamaica which is heavily dependent on tourists and the export of minerals, can accommodate digital payment provider apps. Since there’s a heavy room for making the payment convenient, it’s up to Jamaica's people on how they can advance to digital payment rather than using hard cash.

The government has finally intervened, and this move will eventually lead to success. Apps such as Cash App or, for that matter, any other payment apps will soon hit the shores of Jamaica. Also, there are few illegal ways of using the Cash App in Jamaica, but hardly a few percent of Jamaica's population uses the Cash App.

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