Does Cash App Work In Puerto Rico? (Info + Solutions!)

Does Cash App work in Puerto Rico? As of now, the operations of Cash App are only made available in the US and the UK. It means the funds can be transferred between two persons situated within the 50 states of the US but not in other US-owned territories, military bases, or properties (such as the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico).

does cash app work in puerto rico


When it comes to payment applications, it is a little shaky for international transactions.

Even though Puerto Rico is part of the United States territory, it is not considered among the 50 states of the US, which is why Cash App is not accessible in Puerto Rico.

This area is stated as a grey area that corporations avoid and do not treat Puerto Rico the same as other countries.

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How Can Money Transfers be Made in the US With Cash App?

cash app us and uk

Cash App operations are only supported in the US and UK if we talk about doing transactions internationally. Cash App is a wonderful payment application with good features supported in the US and the UK. However, your age should be at least 18 to open a Cash App account.

Internationally, the transactions can only be made between US-based or UK-based people. The process of making a Cash App account goes like this. You have to download the Cash App and install it. Then, you have to sign up with the use of your email or phone number. In case if you are not living in the UK or US, you should use your email for the signup process.


cash app

Either enter your phone number or email ID to get the verification code. Click on the link or directly enter the code in the Cash App and get your account verified. You would be asked to link your bank account or debit card information, but you can keep that for later by skipping the process.

This way, you can make your Cash App ready to work in the US or UK. In case, if you are from other foreign countries rather than the UK or US, you would need to set up your Transferwise account to receive bank details for the Cash App approved nations to get the information.

At last, you have to create an exceptional Cashtag for your account, and you are done to carry out transactions with your Cash App account.

What Are the Other Alternatives to Choose in Puerto Rico for Money Transactions?

cash app alternatives

As Cash App is not supported in Puerto Rico, you can go for other money transfer options.

The options which you can prefer to make transactions from the US to Puerto Rico are as follows:

  • PayPal: PayPal is one of the best money transfer options that can be opted with fast transfer time and low fees for even transferring smaller amounts to Puerto Rico.
  • Bank Transfers: You can do bank transfers with the use of applications like Xoom and TransferWise with the help of which you can send cash to bank accounts in Puerto Rico.
  • Checks and Money Orders: These methods are the safest if you are okay with a slower money transfer option.
  • Money Transferring Companies for Cash Pickup: Money can be picked up at MoneyGram places and Western Union at Ria across the island.

cash app fees

Transferring money to Puerto Rico in emergency cases might be expensive as bank transfers are not suitable for urgent circumstances because of their longer processing times. But, most people get ready to send expedited payments in emergencies by paying additional processing fees.

With the use of a credit card also, you can save your precious time, but you might need to pay higher processing fees along with some providers for opting for this payment method.

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