Exploring The 4 Factors of Motivation For Students/Teachers

What Is Motivation?

Motivation Guide: When you talk about motivation, what do you think about it? While the meaning of the word motivation, "the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way," there's much more in-depth to this vocabulary than what you would normally hear. Without motivation, it's difficult to reach your goals or success in your definitional terms. What motivates you to get up every day with that spark of fire in you? What gets you to study or take action towards the success of your goals? Motivation. 

  • What's my motivation for writing this blog? To provide users with useful content, grow my website, and achieve my monthly visitors of 10,000 one day.
  • What's your motivation to read this blog? To learn about motivation and how it could help you become successful.

This article will be providing you in-depth research about the motivational factors and a deeper meaning. This video inspired me so I had to share with you:


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The Motivational Factors- Definition

In most cases for this motivation guide, it usually begins with needs and why. Why are you attending school? Why am I working at this terrible job? Why should I lose weight? Why? It turns out, each and every one of us is motivated by one or two of the six motivating factors.

What is Motivation and its Type? Motivational Terms

  • Truth: Individuals who are strong in the truth factor or what we call truth passionate are all about learning the right answers. These are usually the people who are trying to pursue higher education. They're usually the ones that are answering the questions on why certain situations work the right way.
  • Power: Power passionate individuals are highly focused on their role. They're usually the ones wondering

    how they can influence the outcome of their authority.

  • Results: People who are results passionate focus on things like the final total of an account. They want to know about the return on investments (ROI) such as starting a business, investments, and projects. They want to invest their time and spend their money strategically.
  • Assistance: The people that are assistance passionate mainly focus on help or assisting other people. They usually find other people and figure out what their needs are.
  • Form: The 5th factor is form-passionate. They're usually the people that are highly attentive to their own subjective experience. It's most likely that it's the experience with people and things around them or the experience of cooperation and harmony on a team. It could be a decorated house or garden. There's something about form-passionate people that usually have to be something positive.
  • Structure: The structure of passionate individuals are motivated to find a constant straightforward repeatable way of getting things done. They usually produce the same results equally over and over again. They usually follow the rules and guiding principles

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Why do structure passionate individuals can sometimes have conflicts with truth passionate people? 

  1. When a structured passionate person is all about doing the same thing the right way every time but a truth-passionate is finding the right way to do things, you have changed. That's going to start a conflict.

Why do power passionates sometimes have problems with result passionates?

  1. If the person has power or authority over you in a work environment but all you care about is doing what's best for the outcome, there's going to be conflict.

What can you do?

You can't change a person's motivation but you can help the situation by learning about their motivation.

  1. You can learn what motivates another person by asking the question, why? You can ask a person why they're an environmentalist if they tell you that they like the experience of trees and nature, they're a form passionate. If he thinks that because whoever controls the natural resources controls the world, he's a power passionate.

How Do You Know Who Is a Motivator?

  • When a person is a motivator, they provide a reason for themselves or another person to do something. Being a motivator can impact your life in a tremendous way and when you help others around you become successful, then that's what makes you successful.

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Factors of Motivation - Examples of a Motivator

Boss: Andy, you seem to be having trouble meeting your deadlines.


Andy: Yes, I get distracted and can hardly stay on top of them.

Boss: We know that your ability to stick to your schedule can be difficult for our business department. Because of that situation, I would like to sit down with you to make sure to help you focus and agree on priorities. We can brainstorm different solutions and determine the resources I can use to help you with your problem.

Andy: (Andy feels understood by his boss) Thank you, boss. I want to do a great job, but I have tons of responsibilities to maintain. I don't know what to work on first.

Boss: My schedule is pretty tight within the next few days. Why don't we meet around dinner time around 8 PM? Does that sound good to you?

Andy: Sounds great!

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Drive and Motivation

While motivation is the willingness to do something, the drive is the starting point of motivation. When we discuss motivation, we discuss the settings and goals. When we discuss drive, we discuss our personal drive and what helps us focus on the betterment of our goals.

Are you a motivator? I hope you're motivating many people around you in this world. Life can be tough for some. People can lack motivation and with your ability to motivate them, can help exceed their limits in life.


Are you a demotivator? I hope you're surrounded by motivators because life can be gloomy sometimes, and having a motivator in your life can be drastic changes to your future. I came from this at a point in life. Think of the "Butterfly Effect." One little change can change your life drastically forever.

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This is your motivation guide. Sometimes, we need a little motivation in our lives and that's okay. If you're having a difficult time, have someone there for you. If you want to be alone, have something that motivates you whether it's videos or podcasts. Success is waiting for you on the other side of the fence.