Fan Page Robot Review: Automated System to Grow Social Media in 2023!

Marketing has become increasingly important in the business world and is vital to any company looking to succeed. Products can be as good as they can get, but they won’t succeed without the proper marketing strategies implemented on them. Frequently the fact is that companies set aside more budget to spend on marketing than on the product itself. Running ads on television channels between shows, setting up huge posters on billboards, and whatnot, there are multiple ways to get your product out there and into people’s attention.

However, gone are the days of those types of marketing. It has soon come into the realization of people and companies alike, that most of the masses spend their time on their phones, and not driving around the city looking at billboards. So, if all can be used to accumulate a following of your own, or to sell services with ease, then wouldn’t that be the most effective way of advertising?


Although social media is a sea of opportunities, it’s still a sea, and there is a good chance that you might get lost in it, which is why some people need the assistance of software that help them grow their social media presence.

Fan Page Robot is one such application, and it is a great social media bot if you want to increase your following.

Fan Page Robot Features

fan page robot features


Managing Posts

Owning a social media page, or pages can be hectic due to the work that needs to be put in on several different platforms. You will need to keep track of your Google My Business accounts, different social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and will need to schedule all your posts accordingly. All of that can become a mess unless you have a person handling all those responsibilities for you.

However, using the Fan Page Robot, you need not worry about any of that. The app itself will take care of all your posts, and schedule it according to your timeline. You can sync all your websites and social media pages together and can post from one to the other seamlessly. It will even help you with finding viral content to post using the keyword finder, which gives you an outlook on the most trending keywords on Google. This way, you will always be in control of your content and will be able to post content that will drive maximum traffic towards your pages.

Lead Generation Strategies

Another major feature of the fan page robot is the way it optimizes results to help you get the best leads possible. You can use various tools to make sure you get your product out to the public. The app helps you post ads on sites like Yahoo and Google for absolutely no cost, and that can result in a huge boost for your pages. These ads can also be made easily in the app with their special drag and drop feature, so all your worries are taken care of!


You can even make use of the email services that come with the app, such as MailChimp, to generate automated emails to customers. These emails can bring you all sorts of new leads and are proven to be a great tactic to lure in followers to your social media pages and sites. You don't need to be proficient at coding to make these ads, as there are over 100 different high-converting templates that will get the job done for you!

Having the ability to place all the ads for free on high-traffic websites is surely going to boost your pages’ following tenfold.

Various Marketing Tools

Apart from being able to manage your posts and provide you with the best lead generation strategies possible, fan page robot also has the capability of taking care of other miscellaneous but important things that go into making your social media pages successful.

Hashtags, as we know, are a crucial factor in determining how many people will be able to see your posts depending on how you use them. Using the right kind of hashtags is very difficult, and that's why the app has the functionality of finding the best possible tags for you to use in your posts. FPR will let you know how many searches each hashtag has so that you can choose the best one for yourself. This will easily skyrocket your following because hashtags can increase the reach by 2x if used correctly.

Moreover, it also has the feature of providing video posts on your pages, which again is an amazing tool to take your reach to the next level. It has been proven that video posts are much more likely to generate a large number of views on social media sites as compared to normal posts. If you implement this properly with the help of FPR, you can sit back and watch as your account goes from 0-100 real quick!


Fan Page Robot offers two plans for you to opt for, a pro plan and an unlimited plan. Both are extremely reasonable, and as the site states, “ cost less than a burger meal. “ You can get the pro plan for just 14.99 dollars a month, which offers the option of managing 4 Facebook pages and up to 36 accounts on other websites. This is a great opportunity of growing your social media presence and accumulating a following of your own.

However, if your aspirations are even bigger, then go for the unlimited plan coming at just $39 a month. You can manage unlimited pages on up to 10 social media websites and get priority customer support as well!

The prices for both plans seem extremely reasonable for the work they'll do for you, so if you are thinking of increasing your follower amount, then Fan Page Robot is your best bet!

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