Forgot Cash App Pin? Here's What You Can Do! (2023)

If there is one thing good that has happened to the world of mobile wallet payment facilitators over the last couple of years then it has to be the introduction of Cash App. This Square Inc. peer-to-peer online payment platform allows its users to not only send and receive money online to and from family and friends but also shop offline for goods or services via their Card using money in their Cash App accounts.

When using a Cash App Cash Card, Cash App users are always asked to set up a PIN which they’ll use to authorize every transaction. Despite it being important, a number of Cash App users are known to forget their Pin. If this is something you can relate to then this post is very important as it highlights what to do in the event a Cash App user forgets their PIN.


Cash App & All Things PIN

Before looking into what Cash App users can do in the event that they forget their Cash App Cash Card PIN, it is only right that we briefly look at Cash App Cash Card and how PINs come into play. That said, every Cash App user has the option of requesting a Cash App Cash Card. In fact, Cash App users are advised to apply for it given the fact that it allows them to use money in their Cash App account anywhere. Simply put, it makes accessing money on their Cash App accounts very easy.

Cash App users can use their Cash Card to send and receive money online without stress or hassle. The same also applies if they want to make a purchase online to a merchant or even physically at a store. When facilitating payments physically, it is important to note that Cash App users can only do so with their Cash Card at businesses or shops that accept Visa Cards.

Regardless of how Cash App users choose to use their cards, they’ll need to key in or input their Cash App Cash Card PIN in order to authorize any given transaction. If they happen to forget their PIN then they’ll not be able to carry out any transaction using their cards. It is with this that many Cash App users with Cash Cards ask or wonder; what should I do in the event that I cannot remember my Cash App PIN?


What if You Forget the PIN?

Many Cash App activities or transactions that involve the use of Cash Cards require some sought of security PIN. Therefore, Cash App users who’ve forgotten their Cash App PIN will find it impossible to perform just about any transaction involving money on Cash App.

Cash App users who’ve forgotten their PIN are advised to go through a rest process which will see them set up a completely new PIN for their Cash Card. The process itself is very simple; just follow the following Cash App PIN reset steps;

  • Open Your Cash App App On Your Mobile Device
  • Sign-in To Your Cash App Account
  • Tap On The Profile Icon & Select The “Privacy Option” Tab
  • Now Select Change Cash PIN (Cash App Users Who’ve Forgotten Their PIN Should Click On “Forgot Cash PIN” Option)
  • Cash App Will Send You A Verification Code Either Via Phone Or Email Depending On Your Choice
  • Upon Receiving The Code, Cash App Users Can Now Reset Their PIN (Cash App Requires Its Users To Enter their New PIN Twice In Order To Complete The Process)


It is important for Cash App users to understand that forgetting their Cash App PIN is not the end of the world. In fact, it is a very common occurrence thus the reason why Cash App makes it possible to reset old PINs. If you are a Cash App user and happen to forget the PIN associated with a Cash Card simply follow the steps shared above in order to set a completely new Cash App PIN in no time.


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