Fortnite Affiliate Program (Money-Making Case Study)

About several months ago, on a Fortnite affiliate program, an internet marketer I know made $8,000+ within a span of three months from Fortnite affiliate. I wonder to myself, "how does a person make that much money from a gaming niche?"  After reading his post, I decided to test his method with a little knowledge and twist.

I believe that this method applies to people in the US only. Maybe you could figure a way around it by changing the VPN? Below are the requirements for this method and also where you need to go to get an EpicGames creator account:


Fortnite Affiliate Program Requirements

  1. Instagram Account With Around 1,000+ Followers
  2. Money to Invest But Spend at Your Own Risk
  3. A Vendor for Instagram Mentions
  4. An EPIC Support-a-creator Account: You Can Sign Up Here

- Payment methods from EpicGames: PayPal or Bank from the US

- If you want to withdraw from your balance, you are required to fill out a tax form.

(Before getting approval to Epic Games creator account, you need to have a page of a large "audience." What I mean by that is that Epic Support will ask you for a large-looking account to see if you will qualify to become an affiliate marketer or not.


What I did was create an Instagram page and sent 10,000 followers to it from a vendor. You have to find a reliable seller online.

If you are interested, you can contact me via email or Skype: andylam220 or [email protected], where I can provide 10,000 followers for you at $3 per 1,000.

Make sure that you're able to log in to your account and that it's not just any random account because they will send you a code via email to put in your bio. This way, it will provide evidence that you own the account. If you have accounts with high followings from other platforms such as (Facebook, Twitter, etc. - You can use that too. The process usually takes a day. Once you are approved, you can use any account for this method)


This process can usually take from six hours to a few days.

Steps To Getting Results

  1. Create an Instagram account that is niche-related to Fortnite. I would make the bio look professional, like "Daily Fortnite Content."  For me, when I was testing the method, I had only one post. But the less suspicious the account looks, the better and trusting your account will appear.
  2. Create an image with a v-bucks gift card giveaway (that's what I did exactly, but you can add your own twist to see what will convert). In the description, I put exactly "Once you complete the three steps, check your DM in one hour for your free gift-card code." They usually end up forgetting.
  3. 3. Now, look for a reliable vendor that supplies you with Instagram mentions/DMs. What I did was I targeted the followers of the @fortnite account. Or look for an account with high engagement rates. You will get a higher response rate. Enjoy!

Now from my case study, for every 1,000 tagged - I would get 4-5 people that will put my name on their Support-a-Creator. I took the amount of how much other creators make and divide it by the number of supporters. It turns out that on average, each supporter equals approximately $1.20. If you have 100 supporters, you will average ~$120.

If I spend $2 on 1,000 mentions, I will have 4-5 new supporters.
4-5 supporters = ~$4 to $6. The same applies to DM.

$200 = 100,000 mentions = 400-500 new supporters
400-500 supporters = $400 to $600 (now don't spend what you don't have. Please experiment with this method at your own risk)

Of course, there are other tools out there you can use, such as Instagram automation, but I found mentioning users thousands at a time was the quickest process. I only stopped because the first payout usually takes two months, and I didn't have the patience for it at the time.  Be warned that Instagram bots are currently at risk, and you will be hit with this warning.

(Also, when a person put your name in as a creator, you will have to wait at least a week for results to appear on the stats) Their chart update is REALLY slow. I asked my sister to put my name as a creator on her account for testing, and it took approximately a week and a half to show up.  If you're really into (Fortnite) affiliate marketing, then this method is a similar process! You have to twist it yourself and find what method can generate the most income!

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