Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework

Homework is a very time-consuming task but a vital part of learning for students. Homework helper apps are apps that provide students of all ages with meaningful ways to help answer homework questions, help understand your homework concepts better, or supplement learning.

These apps are your online learning platform outside of your school. Fortunately, we have gathered all the best apps to help with homework down below. Read on to learn about apps that can help you complete your homework and master concepts at home.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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Socratic by Google

Probably one of the best learning apps in the world, Socratic by Google is powered by Google's AI that will help you with your homework. You can ask anything on the app and it will find the best sources for your answer.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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It also provides general knowledge on different high school and university subjects. Apart from that, you can also partner up with different teachers and experts in any field to gain even more knowledge in certain subjects.

Socratic by Google is a powerful studying app that lets you learn the subject as well as help you do your homework.



PhotoMath is a free-to-use app that focuses mainly on math problems. It is one of the most popular homework helper apps found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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The app offers a comprehensive solution to difficult math problems. All of the steps are broken into digestible chunks and calculations so you can understand the answer.

To use the app, simply type in your equation and wait for the answer. You can then copy the entire solution to your homework. PhotoMath is a simple app that does the job well.



Answers is another homework help app where a community will help you answer all of your inquiries. You can freely post on the app and a group of experts will answer your questions.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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If no one can answer your question, a member of the community will provide one for you. The range of topics includes science, chemistry, history, math, English, and many others. It is a great way to seek help, especially for those who want to start a research-based project.

If you're looking for a quick answer to your inquiries, Answers should be your go-to app. Check out the app at the Google Play Store.


If you want to have 24/7 homework assistance with high-quality results, Brainly is the homework help app for you. Brainly is a free app that is also free to download at the Google Play Storeand the Apple App Store. To use the full features of the app, a subscription is required.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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Brainly helps students with their homework by having them type in their questions or even uploading a photo. Subject matter experts will then provide you with answers and moderators will verify them for you. This ensures that you are getting the most accurate answers.

You get to ask two questions for free every day and if you do not have plans on subscribing, you will need to watch a few ads to unlock more. The app only requires $2 per month or you can always go for the yearly $24 subscription. With the quality of answers that you get, it is worth having a yearly subscription.

Snap Homework App

Doing homework can be very stressful for students especially if they haven't fully grasped the concept discussed by the teachers. This is why Snap Homework App is a great app to supplement your education. The app features online learning where students can attend virtual classes to help them with their homework.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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Snap Homework App also features online coaching where you can get help from experts in the field. If you're a teacher, you can also provide your students with updates and notifications as well as important information.

Homework is much easier to deal with now that you have online coaches as well as teachers to break it down for you. Snap Homework App is free to download at the Google Play Store.


Studypool is quite different from most apps on this list. While many other apps focus on math and science problems, Studypool focuses on helping students with homework related to STEM and English problems. Studypool is available to download at their official website.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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Studypool offers real-life tutors for you to ask your questions to. You can create a free account but you will need to pay a small fee for the questions to be answered. Many homework help apps offer generic answers but with Studypool, you are assured that all of the answers are personalized depending on the questions that you ask.

You also gain access to thousands of lectures, notes, and other documents depending on the topic that the tutors have uploaded. Studypool is great if you need regular assistance with your homework. If you only need a few questions answered, it is best to try other apps on this list.


Slader is another homework help app that helps you with your homework especially when it comes to math. The app offers millions of solutions to popular math problems in middle school, high school, and even college. Slader acts much like a tutor where you can ask people using the app for help.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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It is run by a community of dedicated people who want to help you with your math and even science problems. Students can also post their homework and allow everyone to help them with their homework.

Slader challenges the idea of how homework is being done and while the app has been scrutinized before, it still does what it is meant to do which is to help you with your homework. Slader is available to download for free at their official website with an option for a subscription.


We all know that math homework can be one of the toughest and most challenging tasks people work on during their education. Even parents don't have the capabilities to help their kids with their math homework. Fortunately, Mathway helps you solve that problem.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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Mathway is one of the best-known homework apps that is aimed primarily at helping you solve math problems. It can solve almost all types of problems ranging from basic math problems to overly convoluted calculus and trigonometry problems. The app is free to use and all the answers are given without any charges.

What makes Mathway unique is its interface. Mathway features a simple and effective user interface that lets you input the math problems easily so you spend more time answering your homework questions instead of tapping endlessly around the screen. Mathway is free to download at the Google Play Storeand the Apple App Store.


There are a lot of homework help apps out there but there are only a few that truly cater to helping you learn from the subjects. One of which is Chegg. Chegg can help you learn a wide range of different subjects including chemistry, business, calculus, and more.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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To use Chegg, you only need to download the app at the Google Play Storeor the Apple App Store and log in. Type in your question and check out all the possible answers. You will also be given a step-by-step guide on how to answer your answers through their textbook references.

Chegg also features a subscription where you can ask experts from different fields to see your homework and allow a more precise and individualized answer.


While most of the homework help apps on this list guarantee that you get your homework done, there is one app that does almost everything and even helps you prepare for your future education. HomeworkMan does all the things that many other apps do and even more.

Discover Some Great Apps to Help With Homework
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The app focuses on solving your problems through its simple user interface. It helps you with math, chemistry, physics, and many other subjects at both the high school and the college level. It offers step-by-step solutions to a lot of your problems especially when it comes to math problems.

But what this app does best is prepare you for your future. It prepares you for exams such as the SAT exam and the ACT exam, as well as many others. The HomeworkMan app is available for download today at the Google Play Storeor the Apple App Store.

To Sum Up

When it comes to choosing a homework helper app, there are options that may try to scam you with subscriptions or hidden charges. Be careful and choose only the ones mentioned above.

You deserve all the help that you need so go ahead and check out all of these homework helper apps today and get your questions answered!