How Does Cash App Make Money? (Answered!)

How does Cash App make money? All these payment apps that offer free and bonus programs to users are making money themselves in case you didn't know. Two key methods which Cash App makes money is by selling Cash App debit cards and providing users with the option of instant withdrawal.

how does cash app make money


They provide the users with an option of instant withdrawal and charge 1.5% of the total withdrawal amount. By giving faster access to the people for their own money, they themselves make money.

  • Cash App makes money from instant withdrawal fees.
  • By charging for debit card designs, they also earn money from this as well.
  • Cash App also earns quite a bit from Bitcoin transactions.

cash app fees

cash app fees


cash app fees

cash app fees

cash app fees


The company has an insane volume that comes out to nearly 35 million users in the United States. Not only that but they have built a niche for themselves in the UK. 

cash app monthly active users

  • 2017 - 7 million monthly active users
  • 2018 - 15 million monthly active users
  • 2019 - 24 million monthly active users
  • 2020 - 30 million monthly active users

As for Cash App's revenue and profit, the chart below might interest you.

Cash App Revenue

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Cash App Profit

[table id=5 /]

Cash App Bitcoin Revenue

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The instant withdrawal wasn't implemented from the start but as soon as they have launched this feature, the company’s profit has grown leaps and bounds.

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Cash App Making Money With Bitcoin

cash app bitcoin revenue

It was in the year 2017 when Cash App started letting users trade in Bitcoin from the app. They charge as much as 1.7% of the transaction and this idea from Cash App turned out to be an excellent idea.

Cash App makes bucks by charging both the individuals and the businesses some transaction fee for accessing the app’s additional services.

In addition to that, Cash App also charges businesses that accept payments from Cash App users. 2.75% of the transaction fee is charged per transaction and the volume that it enjoys on a day to day basis is humongous.

Cash App Bonus

cash app bonus 5

On Cash App, you can make money by getting your friends to download and register. How does this work? You get $5 as a bonus for every friend you bring in. In addition to that, from time to time they provide discounts on purchasing via Cash App.

As soon as the discount season starts, Cash App is seen in the venture with various E-Commerce players and offers some additional discount on making payments.

Cash App is a free app and the core function of peer-to-peer payment and transferring the amount to your bank account is also free. Referral bonus is certainly its biggest bonus that has attracted millions of users.

Benefits of Using Cash App

cash app benefits

  • Basic Cash App services are free: Cash App doesn’t have any monthly fees or charges for receiving or sending money. It doesn’t charge any inactivity fees and these features make Cash App the most sought-after payments app.
  • Free withdrawals from certain ATMs: All you need to do is set up a direct deposit and then there’s no charge otherwise it does charge 2$ to use an ATM with a Cash App debit card.
  • Cash App $5 bonuses: As mentioned earlier, it rewards the users who refer their friends or relatives to Cash App. All they need to do is signup using the referral link you provide and both the parties receive a cash bonus.
  • Cash App Investing Tool: In 2017, Cash App introduced an investing tool to invest in forex or stocks. Stocks can be easily purchased using the funds in the Cash App account. If the funds are short, you can add up the funds from the linked bank account with just one tap.
  • Cash App Bitcoin Compatible: Cash App users now can also sell or buy Bitcoin with ease. However, the service fee, as well as an additional charge that is determined by the volatility across the exchanges in the United States, will be incurred by Cash App.

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