How To Delete Cash App Activity: Is It Possible?

Cash App makes it possible for users to send, receive, and accept money online. Whether, it’s sending or receiving money from or to friends and family members, with Cash App users are able to do so in just a few simple steps. Even better, the process is very simple, fast and it’s completely hustle-free.

delete cash app activity


While Cash App has a number of featuresthat are appealing to a number of would-be users, there are some that are still hesitant when it comes to signing up or creating a Cash App account. Why? Well, they’d love to know whether or not they can be able to keep their financial activities on the app private, and thus the question, how can I be able to delete my Cash App activity? 

Sadly, there is no way for Cash App users to delete their Cash App activities. One of the reasons why this is so is the fact that Cash App activities are already private. Cash App users can however take other measures to keep their activities private and here is how.   

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Cash App & Privacy of Cash App Activities

delete cash app activity

Square Inc.’sCash App is basically an online peer-to-peer payment system that makes it easy for Cash App users to send, receive, and accept money online. Over the years, they’ve managed to grow tremendously thanks to a number of great features that they’ve put in place for its users. Such features include a $Cashtag, which makes it easy to send money to the right recipient, a credit card that makes it possible to access online money offline, and the ability to interact with merchants online.

Cash App is not just big on introducing new features that are very beneficial to its users; they are also big when it comes to security and privacy. In particular, they’ve put in place measures that not only make your Cash App activities very secure but also very private. And yes, this is despite the fact that one can easily access their transaction history by simply tapping on the clock icon.


Cash App, unlike the likes of Venmo, does not publish or publicize account activities. Simply put, all the transactions Cash App users carry out with their account are completely private. It is with this that one would wonder why a Cash App user would want to delete their Cash App activities. There is simply no reason for this given that the said activities are private already.

Deleting Cash App Activities

As already pointed out, there is no way that Cash App users can be able to delete their Cash App account activities. However, there is one thing Cash App users who are keen on or are persistent with deleting their Cash App activities can do to achieve their goal. Basically, they can simply delete their Cash App account completely from their phone. Doing so removes evidence of their Cash App activities.

As much as this is a possible alternative to deleting Cash App activities, it is worth noting that this will not completely erase your Cash App activities information, it’ll just do so on the phone where the Cash App account was installed. Furthermore, you’ll not be able to access Cash App on the said mobile device given that the app was uninstalled.


While there is no way for Cash App users to delete their Cash App activities on the app, there are other ways one can go about doing away with this information. Two things that are worth pointing out, one, there is no need for a Cash App user to want to delete their Cash App activities given that Cash App activities are generally private. Two, the only way one can be able to do away with their Cash App activities is by completely uninstalling the app from the phone.