How To Make Money Online: Reddit User's Perspective - 5 Steps

Introduction: Make Money Online

If you're reading this article on advice for beginners, then you've probably asked this general question, "how can I make money online?" This question is more common than you think. I pulled up the stats and there are over approximately 5,400 search results per month on this topic alone.

Practically, every "Make Money Online" ebook, course, website, blog, guru, etc will explain to you that the goal of digital marketing is to have a blueprint or a system that'll earn you money on autopilot.


MEME 2019 Blueprint

What The Online World Will Tell You

They will tell you to:

  1. Find a niche/product that you can promote.
  2. Write articles promoting that niche/product/offer.
  3. Get traffic to your written articles.

When you're laying out these steps, it really appears to be simple, isn't it? Well, you can definitely achieve it with or without your own developed website with only three simple steps to make money online!



Five Simple Steps

The greater seminars, courses, and ebooks also add several extra steps to take advantage of an aged marketing motto that's usually called by the "Rule of 7." So, if you've been in search of the answer to "how to make money online?" then here is the blueprint or formula that you should follow:

  1. Find your desired (winning?) product to sell.
  2. Create and set-up a website that's highly targeted for the people that want to purchase that product.
  3. Give your visitors an incentive to submit their email address for newsletter and updates.
  4. You're going to want to use an email responder to send a constant update (not too constant) promoting the product.
  5. Set up a traffic campaign to motivate your visitors/readers to your developed website with the intention of buying that product.

The five basic vital steps can give you a dynamic (yet still simple and powerful) formula if you want to make money online.


With that simple formula and at a basic level, it truly is that simple. That's the reason why digital marketing is commonly appealing to the people who are looking to "Get Rich Quick" because of how simple it appears to be. One of the problems is that 'simplicity' doesn't mean that it's as simple as ABC. The part that becomes more complex is making sure those steps are done in a highly effective manner. It requires a lot of self-discipline.

Are You Getting Scammed?

When it becomes too difficult, in their toughest time during the beginning of their journey, the "Get Rich Quick" followers usually jump off the bandwagon and begin screaming SCAM. What I've said above, 'simplicity' doesn't really mean that it's 'easy.' Because of the "Get Rich Quick" courses, videos, books, etc. usually do overhype this subject on how there's no sweat involve and how easy it is to get results, it's still a proven system and that's a fact.

If you truly want to figure out how to learn to make money online in the internet world, then you will need to exclude and focus less on the hype. There is no way any gurus or mentors can promise you that you can make a certain amount of money in a specific time frame. There are way too many uncounted variables that must be taken into consideration. It can range from how great you are at product/niche research and all the way to how you utilize and understand your material and the following instructions.


What Are Your Current Expectations?

Several of the most important questions that you have to keep asking yourself are "what are your current expectations?", and "how great are you at understanding at what you're actually doing for each task/step?"

What you're expecting will determine your outcome and how far you will follow through the plan with each and every step. When you're expecting to earn $10,000 in two weeks time, and after three weeks you still haven't made a single sale, then you're probably going to give up and accuse of it being a scam (and usually makes you think that way because of the sales page guaranteeing you unrealistic promises). What's more, is the importance of how you perceive and understand what needs to be done for every step of the way.

Even if you truly believe that it's achievable and possible to make $10,000 in two weeks or less, it's not likely to occur unless you're executing and perfecting every step of the journey the right way.

You shouldn't be expecting to be making $10,000 in a short amount of time. But instead, you should develop a goal that teaches you exactly how to execute each step that is necessary for a successful journey in the digital online world.

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How Can I Make Money Online?

You're most likely doing your research on the subject, browsing the search engines, reading threads on forums, reading ebooks on "how to make money online," or even worse, looking for "how to get rich quick?" I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, but you're asking for the wrong questions. You have probably realized that you see that same answer repetitively over and over again but still, you're continuing to keep ignoring it believing that it's not an effective strategy. You're probably burying your head in the sand because of that step 3 or step 5 formula that I've listed above isn't thoroughly enough for you to understand how you can make it work.

The questions that you should really be asking is about how to execute each and every one of those steps.

  • How can I find a good product to sell and promote?
  • What niche is the best niche to market in? How?
  • How can I set up my own website that could potentially be effective for the promotion of my chosen product?
  • How do I create the perfect article that can lead a visitor to a buy?
  • What incentives can I give my visitors to submit their emails?
  • What can I do to get visitors to my website with the intention to purchase my promoted product?

pay yourself first

"How do I make money online?" is the wrong question to ask. You have to learn to ask the right questions in order to help you engrave your name on the stairway to success. When you're learning to ask and find answers to specific questions, then that's when you can truly learn how you can make money online. My best advice for beginners.

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