I Got Scammed On Cash App: What Do I Do?

Cases of people getting scammed on Cash App are increasing as this money-sending platform becomes more popular every day.

What actions can you take in this unfortunate situation?

You’re browsing social media living your daily life until you stumbled upon strangers claiming they can flip your cash, accept online services with payment through the app, and every other shady method out there.


One day, a stranger wanted to do a transaction with you making you believe that you’ll benefit from it somehow.

You were wrong.

After the transaction, the receiver ghosted you and you’re figuring out what and why. 


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Getting Scammed On Cash App

First of all - if you somehow, unfortunately, got scammed through Cash App, contacting support will bring the company awareness on the scammer. This will increase their likelihood of getting banned from the platform.


As for retrieving your lost funds, it will be nearly impossible to get your money back.

Cash App initially wasn’t meant to be used for an online business or sending strangers money but rather with friends.

That’s why unlike PayPal, Cash App doesn’t have a refund option because it’s not meant for businesses. 

You can try to contact and make amends with the scammer but what are the odds of a scammer returning your money or replying at all?

The only thing you can do now is to realize the issue and avoid potential scams to save yourself and others in the near future.

Take it as a lesson because all of these Cash App scams online are preventable yet there are many targets out there.

Let’s take a look at the scam tactics that scammers are pulling. These are easily preventable but it’s great to bring a little awareness to Cash App users.

Cash Flipping

cash app launch

Whether you’re using Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platforms - there will be scammers claiming that they can flip your cash for you.

Don’t become the target.

These scammers will ask you to send them a payment and they’ll send you fake screenshots of “evidence” to lure you in.

They will tell you that whatever amount you send in, you will get back double or even triple your money. This is false and you should never believe such a thing exists.

And if it does exist - it’s illegal and fraudulent so avoid it at all costs.

Paying For Services With Cash App

Another scam to avoid is dealing with services and payments using Cash App. Instead, use PayPal because it’s actually meant for business and goods. PayPal also does a fantastic job of protecting its customers.

When sellers online are asking you that they only accept payments through Cash App only, avoid it or ask them to execute the transaction through other safer money-sending methods. 

Cash App Things To Keep In Mind

cash app

Always remind yourself that it’s not worth doing business online through Cash App regardless of the circumstances. It’s not safe, it’s against the rules, and you’re better off using this platform to pay a real-life friend back for your weekly dinner or something. 

  • Cash Flipping
  • Cash App Blessing
  • Services Too Good To Be True

If anything on the list above you come across online, avoid it at all costs. Unless you’re sharing your referral codes and helping users sign up, I have to say it again but doing transactions online isn’t worth the trouble.

From mysocialgod,

For future transactions, my recommendations to you are to use PayPal or any other money platforms specifically meant for online businesses. The majority of the time, you will be protected.

Don’t fall for these tricks and if you know someone who is gullible, feel free to share this article to save another victim from falling into this trap.

While I hope that one day all of these scammers are banned, it’s impossible because scammers have been around since the birth of the internet. 

Feel free to check out one of my articles on Cash App scams to avoid to help provide you with a little better guidance.

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