Is Cash App Available In Australia? (Info + Solutions)

Is Cash App available in Australia? The direct answer to this question is no. You can’t use the Cash app in Australia as Cash App doesn’t lend its services in Australia. As of now, Cash App lends its services in the United Kingdom and the United States only.

is cash app available in australia


Cash App is used only for sending money within the same country means if you stay in the UK, you can’t receive payment from someone staying in America through Cash App.

Cash App was introduced in the United States in the year 2013 and in the UK in 2018.

Thus far, Cash App only caters to these two countries and hopefully will extend their arms in Australia as well.

The reason why Cash App has become so successful is its user-friendliness. The app is easy to use and one can send and receive payments easily through this app. Unfortunately, though, Cash App is not available in Australia as of now.


How Does Cash App Work?

how does cash app work

Cash App is easy to use as all you need to do is install the app and signup. You can then link your bank account and do the transactions with ease. Besides that, you can also transfer the received amount in your Cash App to your bank account.

The standard process takes 1-3 business days while an instant withdrawal option is optional with a fee. However, there’s a small fee attached to instant transfer. The two basic features of Cash App are sent and receive money.


Cash App also provides a free Visa debit card also called the cash card at free of cost. All these features make the Cash App one of the most used apps by the consumers in the people residing in the United States and the UK.

Cash App Alternatives

cash app alternatives

Mobile payment services are the way ahead and Australia too has done their bit in making their country transform into digital payment by launching various mobile payment apps. Let’s look at some of the mobile payments app used in Australia:

  1. Apple Pay – Apple Pay in collaboration with ANZ brought Apple Pay to Australia in 2017. Apple Pay relies mostly on NFC to make contactless payments. The app is in talks to partner with various other financial institutions in Australia in the future.
  2. Samsung Pay – Samsung Pay recently launched its services in Australia partnering with Citibank and American Express. This app is technically the most advanced payments app in Australia as it functions on a virtual magnetic swipe. For an extra level of security, Samsung Pay also uses fingerprint authentication.
  3. Coles Mobile Wallet– Coles was one of the first mobile wallets in Australia. Coles Mobile is arguably one of the most simple mobile wallet apps as it works via an NFC sticker. The app can be downloaded by the ones who use Coles Mastercard. The app also adds a fly bonus to your card every time you spend.
  4. ANZ Mobile Pay – ANZ is one of the largest financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand. For all its customers the bank provides an option ‘NFC Sticker’ or ‘PayTag’ sticker to the phones that don’t have NFC features.

Besides these, there are various other apps such as Cash By Optus and CUA redi2PAY among others. Mobile Payments are the way forward and many banks and NBFCs are gearing up to enter this business.

More and more people have got used to using mobile payment apps. Cash App officially can’t be used in Australia but people have found a way to use it in Australia and many other countries as well.

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