Is Cash App Available In Mexico?

Is Cash App available in Mexico for you to send and receive money?

is cash app available in mexico


If you're a citizen from Mexico, chances are - you won't be able to create a Cash App account. At the moment, Cash App is available for adults 18+ and up living in the United Kingdom or the United States. While many people believe Cash App is international, it's not.

The company did make a statement that they're planning to expand to other countries.

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It goes without saying that Cash App, ever since its introduction, has revolutionized how we interact with money online.

Whether you are making a payment to a business for their service or product or simply sending or receiving money online from a loved one or friend, you can count on Cash App to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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While this is so, not everyone is able to enjoy the services Cash App offers. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this particular post that seeks to answer whether or not Cash App is available in Mexico.

Before answering this question, here is a small brief on all things Cash App for those who are not familiar with it.

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Cash App Brief

what is cash app

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment system or app that makes it possible to easily send, receive, and request money online. While these are its primary functions, Cash App has a number of features and tools that allow its users to easily access their money anywhere they want.

For instance, the Cash App Credit Card, which anyone can apply for when signing up, allows users to access their money both online and offline, a big plus especially if you are looking at making payments or purchases both online and offline.

They also do have in place a Direct Deposit feature that allows users to accept paychecks directly to their account without necessarily having to visit their local bank.

Is Cash App Available In Mexico?

is cash app available in mexico

With all these benefits, many people are inquiring on whether or not they will be able to create an account and ultimately use Cash App.

One such group of people are those residing in Mexico thus the question is Cash App available in Mexico. Well, an answer to this question is no. Cash App is not available in Mexico and as such, if you happen to live or reside in Mexico, you will not be able to first create an account or use Cash App.

Currently, Cash App only operates in two countries thus the restrictions. Furthermore, Cash App is not international meaning even if you happened to have an account you still wouldn’t be able to use it.

Who Exactly Can Use Cash App Services?

Now that we are clear on the fact that Cash App is not available in Mexico and that only a few can use it, the next logical question is who can use it then. When looking at who can use Cash App, it is good to know or simply understand where Cash App operates.

That being said, Cash App currently operates in two countries alone, the US and the UK.

What this means is that anyone residing in any of these two countries can open a Cash App account and use it to send, receive, or request money online. You’ll have to be a resident of either one of these two countries if you want to have a verified Cash App account given you’ll be asked to share your Social Security Number (SSN). 


While Square Inc.’s Cash App is slowly and surely changing how we interact with money online, it is not available to the masses, in particular, it is not available to the world. It is with this that Cash App is not available in Mexico.

Therefore, you cannot create a Cash App account in Mexico, or simply put you cannot use Cash App in Mexico.