Is Cash App Banned In India? (Info + Solution!)

Is Cash App banned in India? Thinking of using Cash App services?

Well, you are in luck as this post highlights everything you need to know about Cash App and India.


If there is one peer-to-peer payment system that’s really giving the likes of PayPal and Venmo a run for their money despite it being relatively new in the industry then it's definitely Square Inc.’s, Cash App.

is cash app banned in india

Since its inception, Cash App has managed to attract a number of users with even interest coming from people or consumers from different countries worldwide.


One such country where Cash App is causing a buzz and receiving lots of attention is, India. In particular, many want to know whether or not they can be able to use it in India especially given rumors that Cash App is banned in India.

is cash app banned in india

To better understand whether you can use Cash App in India or whether or not it is banned, this post highlights countries where Cash App operates.


In other words, countries where users can create Cash App accounts and get to enjoy the service they offer.

Where Does Cash App Operate?

where does cash app operate

Understanding countries where you are able to use Cash App helps in answering whether or not you can use it in India or better yet whether Cash App is banned in India or not.

That said, there are currently two countries where you can download a Cash App, create an account, and use it without any issues.

These two countries are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom

Residents who reside in either the US or the UK are the ones that can be able to create Cash Accounts legally and use them.

Furthermore, they can only be able to send, receive, or request money from other Cash App users who not only have Cash App accounts but also reside within the UK or the US.

cash app uk us

While it was impossible for Cash App users to send money from the US to the UK, despite them being two countries where Cash App operates, now they can thank some much-needed changes by Square Inc., the tech-based company behind Cash App.

In this same spirit, Square Inc. is looking at expanding areas or countries where Cash App operates making it available to more people worldwide.

Is Cash App Banned In India?

is cash app banned in india

Now that you have some knowledge as to where Cash App operates it's easy to answer whether Cash App is banned in India or not.

So is it? Well, no. While it's not banned, you still cannot be able to use Cash App if you are in India whether you are trying sending, receiving, or requesting money online.

  • Paytm is a great alternative for India if you're ever in need of a money-sending platform.

Just in case you are wondering why this is because of the fact that Cash App only operates in two countries currently, that's the UK and the US. So despite not being banned, Cash App isn't available to use in India.

While Cash App is revolutionizing the way we interact and transact businesses online, the sad truth is that not everyone is in a position to enjoy their game-changing services. The main reason being that Cash App is not yet international.

The only people who can use Cash App as of writing this particular post are those residing in the US or the UK.

Worth noting, you need to be a resident in one of these two countries, not just currently residing there as you’ll be required to provide your Social Security Number (SNN) in order for them to verify your Cash App account, whether you are creating a personal or business account.