Is Cash App FDIC Insured? (No - Here's What You Should Do!)

Am I protected against the risk of Cash App’s insolvency? In other words, is Cash App FDIC insured? 

is cash app FDIC insured


If you are using Square Cash’s Cash App to send, receive, or request money online, chances are you’ve asked yourself whether or not it is insured by the FDIC. I mean, that’s the main reason that you clicked on this post right?

If that’s the case, then you're in luck as this post will focus on all things FDIC insurance and Cash App. In particular, it will get to answer this all so important question, is Cash App FDIC Insured? With that let’s get straight to it.

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What Is FDIC?

what is fdic

For the sake of those hearing off or learning about FDIC for the first time, it is best that we first clarify what it really is.

So what is it?


Well, for starters FDIC is an independent agency. It is tasked with maintaining stability and public confidence in the country’s financial system. FDIC in full stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

One of its main services is offering deposit insurance or simply offering protection in the event of fraudulent financial activity thus the reason why many ask the question is Cash App FDIC insured? So is it?

Is Cash App FDIC Insured?

is cash app fdic insured

Now to the reason why you actually decided to click on this post, is Cash App insured by the FDIC?

Well, a simple answer to this is no. You had the right, Cash App, or the money you have in your Cash App account, whether a Cash App personal account or a Cash App business account is not insured by the FDIC.

So what does this mean?

Well - in simpler terms, the money you have in your account is not backed federally.

If you happen to send money to the wrong person, especially given that Cash App will not help you in reversing the transaction, you will not be refunded.

Another negative associated with Cash App not being FDIC insured is the fact that you are not protected in the event that your account is subject to any online fraudulent activity.

So if you happen to lose money as a result of fraud then don’t expect to be refunded.

What Do You Do If Cash App Is Not FDIC Insured?

is cash app fdic insured

Now that you know that Cash App is not FDIC insured, what should you do? Well, you can continue using Cash App.

They do have in place a number of features to help protect your money online. For instance, they have assigned every user using their services unique usernames ($cashtag) that make it easy for one to send money without doing so to the wrong account.

Key is just making sure that you get the right username before hitting the send button. Worth noting, although Cash App cannot refund you or reverse a transaction in the event you send it to the wrong recipient, they’ll work with you to help you get your money back.

On matters of fraud, do note that Cash App does have in place updated security features tailored to prevent any attack. While this is so, you should always prepare yourself for the worst by making sure that your account is well-secured by frequently changing your password as well as using passwords that are strong and not too obvious.

You can minimize fraud by avoiding Cash App scams. Read this Cash App guide to learn more:

From Old Barber Shop,

Despite the fact that Cash App isn’t FDIC insured, they’ve put in place a number of measures to protect you and your money. For starters, their payment information is encrypted. Even better, every user receives a unique login code every time they sign in to the app. 

While this is so, it is equally important that you take measures in your own hand by putting in place security settings that’ll help in securing your account. These include things like strong passwords and counter checking one’s username before hitting the send button.

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