Is Cash App In China? (Answer + Details!)

For many planning on visiting or living in China soon, the question of whether or not Cash Appis available in China is very common. This is more so the case if they’ve saved money on Cash App (they use Cash App as a savings account) or if they use Cash App to make payments while in the country.

This same question is also very popular among those living in China, especially so with those that either studied in the US or simply follow the US culture. It is with this that we’ve decided to share with you this particular post; is Cash App in China?


Cash App is not available in China. Here is how you can be able to move money while in China given that Cash App is not available.

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What Is Cash App?

Square Inc.’speer-to-peer platform Cash App is basically a payment app that makes it possible for users to send or receive money using or through their mobile devices. Simply put, it is an app for sending or receiving money. To use Cash App, users are required to create an account.


The process of creating a Cash App account is very easy, simply download the Cash App app on a mobile device and follow the prompts. A plus with Cash App when it comes to users’ accounts is the fact that users can choose to do so without sharing their personal details. In other words, it allows for anonymity when sending and receiving money online.

Who Can Use Cash App?

We’ve already established that Cash App is a payment app that allows users to send or receive money using their mobile phones. Taking note of this, many people are bound to want this service. Sadly, however, Cash App is not available to everyone.

When it was first introduced, Cash App was only available to those leaving in the US. Yes, only people living in the US or UK could use Cash App. Worth noting as well is the fact that those in the US with Cash App accounts could not be able to send money internationally.


Fast forward a few months since its introduction in the US peer-to-peer market and Cash App was introduced to the UK residents. Although it wasn’t possible in the past, users in both the UK and the US can now send money to one another despite not being in the same country and this is only possible in these two countries. Just in case you are wondering why it is because Cash App is only available to those living in the UK and the US.

Is Cash App Available In China?

Given the fact that Cash App is currently only available to residents residing in the UK or the US, people living in China cannot use it. In other words, Cash App is not available in China as such Chinese residents or tourists visiting the country cannot use it. It is also not possible to send money to China using Cash App either from the UK or the US.

Cash App Alternatives In China

Given that Cash App is not an option for those in China, it is only right that we share alternatives that’ll help in transacting money easily. The perfect alternative to Cash App for anyone looking at easily moving money is PayPal. Not only is it available in China but it can be used to send money from any country to China.  

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