Is Cash App Instant? (Available Immediately, Time Frame, Etc.)

Is Cash App instant? For many consumers thinking about signing up for Cash App services, being able to access their money instantly is very important. 

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is cash app instant

If you’ve been reading our series of articles on Cash App, you are well aware by now of how quickly Square Inc.'s Cash App is growing.

In fact, it’s now competing with big players in the industry like Venmo when it comes to peer-to-peer online payment services despite the fact that they only offer their services to a limited number of people.


cash app vs venmo

One of the reasons why they’ve managed to grow so much in a very short period of time is the services they offer. Whether it’s sending, receiving, or requesting money online, Cash App services are easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

While this is a big plus, some consumers are still not convinced given that they are not sure whether Cash App is instant or not. If you are one of these consumers, below you’ll find all there is to know about Cash App services and whether or not they are instant.


Cash App & It's Money-Based Services

is cash app instant

Being a peer-to-peer payment system, Cash App offers a number of services tailored to make the process of sending, receiving, and requesting money online easy.

Furthermore, they’ve put in place a number of tools and features that allow users to access their money easily whether online or offline.

how to get a cash app card under 18

For instance, the introduction of Cash App Cash Card makes it possible for Cash App users to access their money not only online but also anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

They’ve also made it possible for their users to top up their Cash App accounts with ease. One such feature that perfectly portrays this is their direct deposit feature that allows users to have their monthly payments sent directly to their Cash App account.

While all these money-based services are ideal when looking for a peer-to-peer online payment service provider, they might not do for some of these services are not instant.

Is Cash App Instant?

is cash app instant

With Cash App, it is worth noting that some of the services they offer are instant while others are not. One service that’s instant with Cash App is the process of sending, receiving, or requesting money online through Cash App.

What this basically means is that, when you send money online using Cash App to another Cash App user, they’ll be able to receive the money instantly. The same also goes with requests or the process of receiving money online through Cash App.

cash app deposit

Depositing money or simply put, topping up your Cash App account is not instant. According to Cash App, this process can take up to three days. In some instances, this process can take close to seven days as it all comes down to your local bank or the person making the deposit.

While this is so, users have the option of taking up Cash App’s Instant deposit feature. As it suggests, this allows users to instantly access their deposits. With this, however, it is good to note that Cash App does charge a small fee of 1.5% on your deposit.

Cash App’s peer-to-peer refunds are also instant. Worth noting is that refunds are usually made to the source of the initial money, it can be your Cash App balance, credit card, or bank account. Furthermore, refunds might take up to 10 days if the refund is from a merchant(s).


Despite having some services that are not instant like normal deposits, we can conclude that Cash App is indeed instant. Why is this, well as a Cash App User, you have the option of making just about any service Cash App offers instant by simply paying a small fee.

All in all, the choice of whether Cash App is instant comes down to you and whether or not you are open to being charged a small fee in order to make their services instant.

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