Is Cash App International? (Payment Info, Etc.)

Is Cash App international? Can I be able to send money to someone outside the US using Cash App? Read on for a brief on all things Cash App and whether or not it is international.

Being an online payment service provider the assumption many have when it comes to Cash App is that it does offer its services internationally.


is cash app international

But is this assumption really true, can you actually be able to use Cash App internationally? Better yet can you use Cash App to send, receive, or request money from someone let say from the UK, France, or Italy?

Well, that’s exactly what this post seeks to address today.


Below, you’ll find everything there is to know about Cash App, how it works, and most importantly if you are able to use it to send, request, or receive money internationally.

How Does Cash App Work?

how does cash app work

Cash App is an online peer-to-peer payment service provider run by Square Inc. Its main purpose is to make the process of sending, receiving, and requesting money online simple and easy, something they managed to achieve so far with ease.


Currently, it's only available to residents in two countries, the UK and the US. These are the only people that currently are in a position to enjoy the services that Cash App offers.

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To use Cash App you’ll need to first create an account. The process of creating an account, as you will tell with most of their features and tools, is very simple. Simply visit the official Cash App page or download their app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Once you’ve done this, simply follow the prompts and you’ll in no time have a Cash App account. Worth noting the account you’ve created is limited, to remove the limitations, see to it that you verify your account. 

  Sending or Receiving Money With Cash App

sending and withdrawing cash app

Given the increase in technological advancements that have basically made the earth one big village, many Cash App users both in the US and the UK, especially those with business interests worldwide, are always interested to know whether or not they will be able to receive or send money using Cash App internationally.

It is with this that you'll find more and more questions on the same subject pop up on a number of Cash App support forums.

cash app international

That said, Cash App currently does not allow international transactions. In other words, you cannot use it to send, request, or receive money internationally.

The only way you can be able to use Cash App to send, receive, or request money is if you are resident in a country where it operates and dealing with another user either from the UK or US, countries where it operates.

cash app uk us

When answering whether Cash App is international or not a perfect answer would be "not yet fully international". The reason behind this is basically the fact that now Cash App users from the US and the UK can now send money to one another.

This is something that wasn’t possible in the past and this particular change, to some extent, gives Cash App that international reputation has given that the US and the UK are two different countries.

cash app

So is Cash App international? Well, yes and no. Some might argue that now given the fact Cash App users in the UK and the US can request, receive, or send money with ease that qualifies as international.

Others on the other hand don’t view it as such, international, given that it only operates in two countries, the US and the UK.

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