Is Cash App Part Of PayPal? (Answered!)

Is Cash Apppart of PayPal? - Cash App payment service is owned by Square Inc while PayPal is owned by eBay.

Cash App is not part of PayPal. Although they are both money sending platforms, they're not related when it comes to ownership or partnership.

Both are payment service providers but are owned by different groups. Both have a few similarities and differences but the bottom line is Cash App is not a part of PayPal.


PayPal was introduced two decades back in the year 1998 while Cash App was introduced in the United States in the year 2013.

Cash App was started as a peer-to-peer payment but over the years the app has extended its functionality. The users can now send and receive payments directly in the app and can transfer the received amount to the linked bank accounts.

cash app vs paypal


Off late, the app has also started supporting various apps to trade stocks and purchase cryptocurrency such as bitcoins, Libra, and EOS among others.

PayPal also has many of the features that Cash App has but one main difference is that Cash App is available only in the United States and the UK while PayPal operates in over 150 countries of the world.

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Difference Between Cash App and Paypal

Difference Between Cash App and Paypal

There are many differences from the time it takes for a withdrawal to the fees that they charge. With PayPal, one can send money to any of its users across the globe through their mobile numbers or email address.

Cash App though is used to send and receive money only within the country. Let’s discuss each of the differences in detail.

Cash App Vs. PayPal: Withdrawal

cash app paypal withdrawal

Cash App Withdrawal

  • There are 2 options to withdraw money from Cash App. One is instant and the other one takes 1-3 business days. The difference between both methods is that for instant withdrawal, you have to pay a fee while for the latter there is no charge.

PayPal Withdrawal

  • In PayPal, there is no instant withdrawal facility and it takes between 1 to 7 business days and that depends totally on the user’s bank. In most cases, the money is transferred to your account the next business day. Also, one thing that needs attention is that some banks charge an electronic transfer fee for withdrawal.

Cash App Vs. PayPal: Fees

cash app paypal fees

When it comes to Cash App and PayPal fees, this part can be quite messy.

Cash App Fees

  • Cash App only charges for instant withdrawal of cash. The fee is 1.5% of the total transaction amount. If you withdraw with their traditional method then there is no charge.

PayPal Fees

  • When it comes to PayPal fees, the company will charge 2.9% of the total amount and 30¢ extra. In some countries the charges are even higher and also the currency is also devalued. It all varies depending on countries.

Cash App Vs. PayPal: Benefits

cash app paypal benefits

Now let's take a look at the benefits between Cash App and PayPal.

Cash App Benefits

  • The referral bonus is $5 per friend. Your account gets credit with 5$ as soon as your referral signup for a Cash App account.
  • Provides an easy option to trade in stocks, forex, and Bitcoin.
  • Provides a Debit Card.

PayPal Benefits

  • Accepted on various online platforms and provides huge discounts as well.
  • Provides donate buttons, payment buttons on your blog or website.
  • A debit card can be requested but only in selected countries.

From Old Barber Shop,

If you ask the people who stay in the US or the UK they will probably vote for Cash App. Cash App is arguably a better app when it comes to receiving payments within the country.

Since it doesn’t allow the option of sending or receiving money from offshores, you can’t use it elsewhere. For business purposes, PayPal is much better.

PayPal is used in various countries and is indeed the most convenient app to send or receive money from an overseas client. Thus, for personal use, Cash App is better but for business accounts, PayPal is better.

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